Friday, January 31, 2014


I'm enamored with the 5.7 x 28mm caliber. From the ballistic tests I've watched on TV and youtube, and from various other reporting sources, I've been very impressed with the lack of over-penetration that the round exhibits. 

In shooting the round from a fixed sight FN 5.7, I enjoy the low recoil and am VERY impressed with the accuracy of the gun, or at least with me shooting it. 

Did I say I was very impressed with the accuracy of the FN 5.7?

Like the Glock 9mm, it's a laughing gun for many of my friends, No, they're not laughing at it, they're laughing at how easy it is to shoot and how accurate it is, again, with that low recoil compared to what they otherwise shoot. They are laughing with the enjoyment of shooting this particular gun.

I really can't afford a P90, although who like me wouldn't want to have one in the back of the gun safe. Again, a great home protection gun, with the penetration issue again being key living in a populated area.

Don't get me wrong, there are other great calibers for home defense. You might not have a 5.7 or if you do, might not have it handy. The venerable 12 or 20 gauge shotgun is one of the best home defense guns and least likely to exit your home, in my opinion. And so say many others.

And I'm not really talking about a hi-capacity gun here. First off, I personally would be happy with a single shot version of the .300 Whisper single shot takedown that one company is making along with a silencer company. It would seem that this very gun could handle the 5.7, just with a different size factory bore.

Companies like NEF and H&R and Rossi have made these single shot guns, in some cases for years. I know some of these makers have combos that include a shotgun barrel and a rifle barrel. One series features interchangeable barrels in numerous calibers, like a rifle version of the Thompson Contender handgun. It seems like for one of these companies you have to send the receiver to the maker to have the barrel actually fit to your gun.
I know I've used these style guns, beginning with my H&R Topper Jr. at a single digit age. I remember the day we bought it at K Mart for a birthday. So they are making the same gun now, probably with a safety added, but with interchangeable barrels. I'd like to think I made my shooting skills better by knowing I had no follow up shot and that every shot had to count.

So I think a 5.7 takedown single shot with the options of having other calibers like maybe a .243 and a shotgun barrel or two would be a very handy gun and a great fun gun. And cheap.

Some kind of bolt action and semi-automatic rifle that uses 5.7 mags would also be a very fun gun, and it seems the centerfire 17 caliber guns that are so popular now could again be made for the 5.7 round. I have not really checked to see if there are Thompson Contender barrels for this round, but it seems like it would be a nice round for predator hunting and long range handgun shooting with low recoil.

And for Glock. Glocks are such great guns. So many, like myself, have had such outstanding experience with various Glocks over the years. I and many others had been hoping that the recently introduced .380 Glock would have been a mini-9mm Glock. I know that I and other bloggers and gun writers have suggested a Glock in the 5.7 x 28mm caliber.

No other pistol makers have taken the bait either as far as I know.

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  1. I cannot see the 5.7 being popular until they offer it in an H&R Handi Rifle and sell the ammo in bulk packs at Walmart!