Thursday, January 30, 2014


Here's a link to a site called "dude i want that" that has a lot of junk products featured but some otherwise interesting stuff like this supersized functional HALO knife. A regular sized Halo makes a quick appearance in this video.

I have a Halo knife, now legal in Texas. It's a great knife in terms of the blade alone, which is a massive piece of steel with an extremely sharp edge and strong back.  I've owned many knives in my life, but the only two knives that come to mind that are as sturdy and kick-butt and useful and STRONG are the Buck folding 110 and the Puma White Hunter. 

I first saw a Halo in one of the early Jack Bauer "24" seasons when Sutherland threatened a bad guy pretending to be innocent with the statement that since the bad guy just pulled a Microtech Halo on him, Bauer would assume he was no corporate chief as he was pretending but was instead allied with some terrorists.

After reading up on the Halo, of course I was dismayed because back then switchblades were illegal in Texas. Since then, things have changed as of September 1, 2013, and switchblades are now legal. That's a real Yee-haw as far as I'm concerned.

I have not yet funded a purchase for a nice Beltrame classic Italian switchblade in black or white because I have not found the exact one in stock at my new preferred dealer who charges very reasonable prices,, which is Pioneer Valley Knives. Great prices and super fast shipping and great communication and no problems whatsoever.

In Texas, switchblades need to be single sided blades to be legal. I prefer a maximum of a five inch blade, which is under the legal maximum, although I do like three and four inch blades.

The Halo I got came with a very heavy duty cordura or some like material sheath that can be attached to a belt or pack in a vertical or horizontal manner. It's thick enough material to: 
#1 Prevent an accidental discharge in the sheath since the Halo has no safety, or
#2 Prevent the blade from penetrating the really sturdy sheath and injuring the person carrying the sheath.

I bought a Kydex sheath from a guy online, and I'll post later with a link. Good job for an IWB holster, although I've got some ideas of my own I've sketched. The kydex holster for the Halo is basically a three sided holster with a split down one end so the knife can be deployed. I'd like one to be a little deeper and longer so to cover more of the handle and provide a holster that rides a little deeper in the waistband than the one I have.

The Kydex IWB holster I bought also makes for a very secure and concealable front pocket holster for the Halo, which is my preferred carry method.

The Halo is an extremely well made knife. It makes a loud THWACK! when it opens out the front, so loud that dogs and the cat, even if in another room, jump when it opens. It's really a solid piece of kit.

I'd have to think opening it would have some deterrent effect on a gunless attacker (I wouldn't recommend taking a knife to a gunfight) just by the very presentation of it's serious looking blade, again with the loud THWACK as the blade slams into place. It's a visceral and physical noise that literally makes most people recoil a bit, even if they know it's coming in a demo.

Tell me about your favorite knives.

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