Wednesday, January 8, 2014


So far, my Glock hopes have already been dashed against the rocks as they have been for so many years now. What, back in 2000, when the Model 36 was introduced I think, I thought surely a thinner single stack 9mm won't be far behind.

But here I am more than a decade later, like millions of other people who appreciate the Glock for what it is. They say perfection in their ads. I've never had a problem with any of my Glocks, and I shot competition with a Model 21 for several years shooting thousands of rounds. I enjoy and use other types of guns, but if it had to be one gun only, it'd be a tough call between a .357 or .44 Magnum revolver and a Glock.

But instead you have a .380 Glock.

But that's besides the point. There needs to be some more cool guns out there that average joe's like me can afford. In recent years, I applaud the gun makers for making affordable guns. The new Remington subcompact 9mm will be retailing at UNDER $400, and that's MSRP not street price. That's a good deal.

There's a rumor Colt might start making DA revolvers again. Of course, the Python and Detective Special seem the likely suspects, but they'd do well to consider the Diamondback and Cobra for self defense markets. Also, I'd really like to have a 4" Diamondback in .22 L.R. and maybe a 3"Cobra in .22 L.R. as well but that's not likely to happen. If we're lucky, we'll get some deep blued Pythons and Detective Specials (and PLUUUUZZZZZEEEEE bring back a nice Cobra in blue in .38 Special) and hopefully the shooting public will buy these guns and more revolvers might get introduced.

 My son will immediately want the new .22 German submachine gun that I saw on one page, I believe it's an MP44 copy but I could be wrong. Extra long barrel to be legal so it looks a bit out of place even with the fake silencer treatment.

There is a kinda cool .22 magnum 4 barrel derringer gun coming out, and Taurus has a 1"!!! snubnose made of some kind(s) of light metal and a PLASTIC SIDE PLATE called "THE VIEW" weighing in a 8.6 oz unloaded. Thank's but I'll stick to my 340pd at basically 13 ounces loaded, a few scant ounces more.

I wish the execs at Smith and Wesson and Colt (and let Taurus in as well) would meet with and more importantly, listen to Roy Huntington, ex-cop and Editor of American Handgunner and noted handgun writer and authority.

Roy designs or has done many guns that are featured in various magazine articles. Food for thought, some of them would sell well and make sense. Roy could tell you how to chop a 1917, round the butt and do a few other mods. Make it with the tapered barrel, parkerized with Hogues and even momma can shoot it with a home invasion. I suspect Roy could design several guns me and others might buy.

I'd like to see Smith make a 3" barreled version of the 1917 Classic they recently were or still are selling with the 5" barrel. It's such a great defensive handgun with a 3" barrel and quite concealable with the fixed rear sight in a Bianchi Model 6 for a N frame or in the Galco Combat Master for the 3" N frame. But it would be nice to see make a working man's home defense gun, with options for guys like me who would want it in blue or nickel for an upcharge.

Smith needs a working man's 3" all steel K and N frame self defense gun. Bring back the Model 13 and 65, both in 3". You're already making a Model 10 tribute model, so just make it a 13.  A 3" Model 27 in that Deep Blue that Smith is famous for in days of yore. I would like to see a Model 58 4" chambered in .44 magnum, or simply give the fixed sight treatment to a Model 29 or 629. For a woods gun, which could end up being dropped if careless, fixed sights are far less likely to be damaged. Or so my theory goes.

I'd like to see a modern bolt action, reasonably priced, for the excellent 7.39 x 54r caliber.  Maybe in a kit with an appropriate scope. Savage, Mossberg, Winchester, Weatherby and Remington could all be making a gun like this to shoot this excellent and cheaper round in something other than a Mosin or one  of the AK action models.

I'd also like to see even a single shot H&R rifle for the 5.7 x 28 round, like the .300 whisper gun, but a bolt action would be cooler, better yet if it was cheap.

I wish Savage would bring back the 24 Camper Companion. 20" barrels with a 20 guage with more rifle options this time of .22, .357, .30-30 and 44 magnum. Endeavor to make it lightweight. If they really wanted to get daring, add 7.62 x 39.

I wish CZ would introduce the M6 Scout pistol shown at the 2004 Shot Show. Have it chamber .45 Colt and .410 and .22. Or that Springfield Armory would, along with the rifle version, with the added .45 Colt capability.

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  1. We need pictures of these firearms. I would also like to see a lot more .22 long rifle selections, but I want more to see a plentiful supply of cheap .22 ammo like we used to have. Ed