Monday, January 13, 2014


I've read books by Hemingway, and about Hemingway, and he certainly lead and adventurous and exciting life. Lots of side issues going on as well but focusing on the good, he did have an exciting sporting life.

Likewise, I recently saw a cartoon by L.A. Times cartoonist David Horsey bemoaning the lack of motivation in the current generation of post-high schoolers versus the life of the late President T.R. Roosevelt. T.R. had an exciting life as well, and I was unaware until reading the commentary by Horsey that T.R. was the author of numerous books. I'll have to get a few to read. He too, had an exciting sporting life.

I did some googling about both of them, and found out that while President, Roosevelt carried his own handgun. As Vice President, Roosevelt had assumed office when President McKinley was assassinated. There's a couple of interesting stories about his gun totin' here, but I like the one about how, upon seeing Roosevelt with a large revolver (possibly a Colt .45), the apparently shocked President of Havard asked if he habitually carried a handgun, 

Roosevelt replied "Yes, when I am going into public places".

Alright, I'm off to read some more Roosevelt stories on the net. Read a lot of stories about Hemingway yesterday. Both were such interesting figures.

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