Tuesday, January 14, 2014


First of all, Sig has been a very busy company. All kinds of new rifles from them, but more importantly something I and many others asked for in 2012: a 22 lr version of their 938 gun. It reminds of the old mini-1911 Llama .380/.32/.22 of the 70's and 80's. I always wanted one of those Llama mini-1911 in .22 but never got one. Now I can convert my 938 as Sig will be selling at .22 conversion kit for msrp of $302 as well as a "longslide" conversion kit with about an inch longer barrel. As Artie Johnson sometimes said on Laugh In, "Very Interesting". 

I like the fact Sig made the conversion kit as well for all the current 938 owners as well as those wanting the .22 option for practicing cheaply. 

But the great Sig .22 news doesn't end there, friends. The venerable Model 232, which in my opinion shoots better than the Walther PPK/S's I've owned in .380, is now in .22 as well, coming in at 21 oz. with empty mag. I need another 230, an alloy one, because it's a great gun. I think this .22 Sig 232 was priced msrp at $400. Screaming deal! I'll assume and hope against hope it won't be an "umarex-i-zation" a'la the recent disappointing Walther PPK/S in .22, which features a really bad DA trigger pull. I hope it is the same gun but in .22 caliber with real metal and not pot metal. 

Both of these guns would be worthy .22's to carry for a wide variety of purposes.

As I've said, I'm not excited about the new .380 Glock Model 42. I would be excited if they said be patient a 9mm version in the same frame will be here later this year. I hope someone asks the question  enough times that Glock figures out that a 9mm single stack the size of the .380 would sell like hotcakes.

No word that I've been able to find about Colt and the rumors of possibilities that DA revolvers might reappear in their catalog. One can hope, again, hoping against hope.

Smith and Wesson is bring back the 66 and other guns and lets hope they are not mere shadows of their former selves. I'm sure the Performance Center will spring forth with some cool guns and I've seen a few of them, as well as a ridiculously large-some-kind-of .460 caliber model handgun that resembles a longer barreled and cylindered Governor, kinda sorta.

Enough said there. I'm hoping the 66 is done up more like the Classic line than like their normal dull finished lineup. It would be nice to have a decent Model 66 and a Colt Python on the market at the same time, NIB.

Of course, there are a bunch of rifles and shotguns and accessories that are new. Slide Fire has some kind of mount that you put your M-4 type rifle in upside down and then I suppose it does some kind close to full auto firing, all apparently BATF approved.

Slide Fire has been all over the market with new products like the AK stocks since entering the market with the AR/M-4 platform stock, as I recall about 3 years ago. I remember investigators and cops I work with going gaga over the Slide Fire demos and going and getting a Slide-fire and a S&W M&P-15 Sport (the cheap one) and some 100 round drums and having some fun. Of course, this was before the recent and still lingering ammo shortage. It's a great concept and apparently they make them for bunches of rifles now. Everyone I know has been very pleased with their products, and it's a large group of folks I know that have them, for what that's worth. I really want to get one...it's on Santa's list for next year.

I'm going to see what else I can find of interest in the Shot Show pages...

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