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Over the past several years, I'd been seeing some well made mostly pancake style holsters used in the reviews over at Gunblast, where they never met a gun they didn't love. I do enjoy their personalities, and the photography, writing and details are generally excellent in their reviews, but if they have posted a review of a gun they did not like, please leave me a link in the comments section. I'd like to see it.

Notwithstanding their fan-boy stance on every weapon they review, I do enjoy the holsters they get made by various makers for these reviews. For a time, Rob Leahy over at Simply Rugged holsters was providing holsters, and they looked interesting.

Take the pancake style, for instance, and by the way, Simply Rugged does make other styles. Just check out their website or do as I do and find them on ebay and gun auction sites used.

All of the Simply Rugged holsters I have bought used off of ebay have been of the pancake variety. I've gotten four of them and each is a dandy in it's own special way.

I've got a pancake for the N-Frame 4" that is open bottom and will accommodate a longer barrel gun, like a 6". You need a good strong gun belt, a real gun belt though, when you're carrying that much fire.  This holster also works for  a 3" Ruger GP100 or a 2.5" or 6" Python. It also fits my 1917 revolvers with 3" and 5" barrels. It will also fit the hard to find a holster for Model 329PD.

I've got a similar pancake for the L frame 3", so it fits several guns well. It fits the Model 13 3" best of all, but will also fit a Model 66 2.5" (which have protruding rear adjustable sights). It also fits the also hard to find a holster for Model 386 sc Mountain Lite with a 3 1/8" barrel. This holster came with detachable belt loops in case you want to use this holster as an IWB holster. Very ingenious. I probably wouldn't use it as such, due to the thickness of the leather, but it's a nice option. 

I recently got a J frame pancake holster with five ammo loops on the bottom front of the holster. Although it was made for a 340PD, it runs a bit long and would easily accommodate a 3" barrel j frame as well. The reason for the extra length, I assume, is the loops require some space below the cylinder. Because of the loops and the extra length, it's not a concealment holster, but I plan to have one of these made in a shorter length without the ammo loops. This holster, as opposed to the other two revolver pancake holsters which are plain, is basket stamped and of a very nice design and execution. Another hard to find a holster for gun, the 3" barreled Model 317 .22 L.R.  Kit Gun (with fiber optic front sight) fits well in this holster, even though the ammo loops are for .38 Special/.357. 

Finally, I have a pancake holster made for the Commander sized 1911, meaning it also perfectly fits the Browning Hi-Power. I've been using it an awful lot lately with the Hi-Power. This holster has a sweat shield that could be a bit larger to cover the hammer of the Hi-Power but it does cover the safety area of the gun. This holster is also a plain finish, and frankly is one of the the best concealing large frame auto belt holsters I've ever owned, and I've used most of the good designs. This holster is made of a bit thinner leather than the three revolver holsters mentioned above. It's still substantial leather and thick, just not as thick as the leather for the larger revolvers.

In conclusion, these are very well made holsters and a screaming deal even when new. They are frequently for sale online, but to me are the perfect "woods and fishing" holster for carrying large guns, particularly large heavy guns. I've gotten some deals on the ones I have, but plan to order a couple from Simply Rugged soon.

There have been times when I was fishing with the lightweight Model 329PD carried in the large pancake holster that I forgot I was carrying it. In my parts, that's a good hog gun with the first 2 rounds loaded with shotshells for snakes. I use the Buffalo Bore load created for the 329PD by Buffalo Bore's owner when defending against hogs.

I'd like to have one of Simply Rugged's Field and Stream holsters, which fits the 30 shot Kel-Tec PMR-30 and an extra mag. I also plan to order a j frame concealment pancake, as I really like the one I got with the ammo looops. 

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