Wednesday, February 5, 2014


For many reasons, I like many others was a big fan of 24. I didn't discover it until about 5 years into it's run, when a co-worker who I discuss movies and music with suggested that, given my law and order tendencies, that's 24 was my kind of show.

Back then, there was a Blockbuster down the street, and I could rent multiple episodes of prior seasons and binge watch 24. It took a couple of months to get through the previous seasons and get up to speed on the current season. I really enjoyed the show and many of the characters reminded me of folks that I had dealt with from various local, state and federal agencies over the years. And the show was very well written and casted.

Of course, being a big fan of Eastwood's Dirty Harry and Steve McQueen's Bullitt and Al Pacino's Serpico and other movies and books by Joseph Wambaugh about LA policing made me an instant fan of Bauer's brand of justice, damn the reality that in real life he'd be in custody with no bond for Civil Rights offenses and worse, mired in a multitude of Federal Civil Rights lawsuits and ultimately either sent to prison or the looney bin or more likely, some secret CIA prison.

I had always enjoyed Sutherland's work prior to 24 but was not a tremendous follower of it. He did some early movies that were just outstanding but 24 tops those performances. He's able to make you believe, as do most of the other great characters that appeared on 24, that he is who he portrays. 

I don't know much about Sutherland's personal life. I know he likes to drink and has a reputation as a sometimes bar brawler. So we have that in common, with the latter at least from my younger days. But what I really admire is that HE HIMSELF paid for the salaries of all the non-actor employees (and maybe the actors too, I'm not sure) of 24 when he had to do some sentence for a DWI a few years ago. That was a big piece of change. I thought that him paying the crew for his issues was extremely stand up and is something you don't see everyday in Hollywood.

I know there are some Jack Bauer types out there protecting national security and Americans, but I just hope we have enough of them. Former soldier and CIA contractor Raymond Davis is the closest thing I've seen to Bauer, yet Mr. Davis has not been celebrated as a national hero as he should be for his captivity in Pakistan.

It would be very cool if Mr. Davis could be given a role in the upcoming 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY that is set to air this May, or even work the true story line of the adventures in Lahore of Mr. Davis somehow into this episode. It is obvious that a team of assassins from Pakistan's intelligence organizations were dispatched to eliminate Mr. Davis, yet Mr. Davis was able to get some Glock 19 justice on his would be killers. 

There would surely be some way to work that scenario into this newest 24 which is set in and being filmed in London.

Mr. Davis might be a great actor or a horrendous one. Likely, like most of us, he'd do fair but maybe not outstanding. 

The man is a hero to this country, and has yet to be treated as such. I don't know Mr. Davis and likely never will. But since he is the closest thing to a Jack Bauer type agent that I've ever heard of, and since foreign agents tried to kill him for protecting his country, it'd be cool to see him get some kind of recognition for his heroism and captivity.

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