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In surfing the web and doing some research and learning about combination rifles and shotguns, particularly the Savage Model 24-V, I've come across some interesting sites with reviews of these guns and some others. I previously posted that no one is making combination rifle/shotguns and selling them in the US, and I did find one company, Brno, owned by CZ that makes a highly expensive large bore rifle and 12 gauge shotgun combo gun. Not sure if they are sold in the US but they are making these guns and the one price I saw was in the three thousands.

Here's a great and well-written review of two Savage 24 Combo rifles by John Dunn and A.K. Church. Here's a great page about the Springfield M6 and another also on the M6

Here's one by Beartooth Bullets and it is an excellent discussion not only of the utility of the Savage 24 but some talking about the .22/20 vs. the .223/20. He also mentions, as I have found, that the 20 gauge models are lighter than the 12 gauge models, and for that he prefers the 20 gauge. He says if he lived anywhere other than where he lived and carried the gun in the field that he'd use the .223/20 rather than the .22/20 that he currently favors.

I'll note that I've been looking for both a rifle sling that holds spare ammo (preferably .22 LR) as well as a leather lace on buttstock shell holder that holds both 20 gauge shells and a few .22 shells, so that the gun is always ready to go. Several of the guns in the Beartooth Bullet article have some nice slings with shell holders, and in the pictures of the two gun review linked above by Dunn and Church, you'll see that both guns have a nifty leather buttstock shell holder holding both shotgun and .22 shells. They give the name and phone number of the maker of these items, Baldknobby Holsters, and I can't find any current reference to them on the internets. I may call the phone number, but I hesitate to do that.

So in surfing the web looking for slings and/or buttstock shell holders that can or will accomodate both shotshells and some .22 cartridges, I can't find anything that holds both. In fact, although there are a ton of shotshell buttstock holders and numerous for larger rifle cartridges, there are virtually none for .22 cartridges.

So I may have to buy a sling or buttstock holder already set up to take shotshells and then add a few .22 loops myself out of leather.

So maybe if I decide to start making holsters and such again I'll develop some items like a combination shell holder or sling since it doesn't appear that anyone is offering products to meet this need.

Meanwhile, what's a good scope for the combination rifle/shotguns? I've heard something referred to as a shotgun scope, and I have no idea what that is but would like to learn more about scopes for combination guns.

UPDATE: I got tired last night before I finished this post and left out a few links. These are excellent articles by Zach talking about his new combination rifle/shotgun and others he has. As you can see, Zach came to the party of liking combo rifle/shotguns before I did, and knows a whole lot more. Just check out his ammo kit on the Springfield M6. Cool, huh?

Zach's Stevens Model 22-410 combo is a good recent place to start, and truly I recommend any gun guy or gal take some time, put Zach's blog in your favorites, and when you are looking to do some interesting reading about guns and firearms, as well as a plethora of other subject, go to Zach's blog and read his archives of gun reviews.

I don't know what Zach did for a living in years prior to now, but it's my feeling that Zach should be scribin' for one of the gun magazines, imho. If he wasn't a writer in his work life before blogging, he is a writer now. Here's a great post with some very cool pics of his Springfield M6.

One major source I omitted above was the which has a plethora of information. It appears it could use some livening up with some more current activity, but there's some good stuff there.

Here's another well-written tribute to the Savage 24 over at out your backdoor

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  1. That is a neat idea. I'd be willing to bet you a burger and a diet Coke that Andy Langlois would be willing to build such a combo sling.