Monday, May 9, 2011


Picture from CNN, obviously. CNN I apologize but this is the only non-traumatic photo of Ms. al-Obeidy that I can find to post here.
I am proud of news from The Atlantic "WIRE" that French President Sarkozy has taken an "intimate interest" in case of the escape of Eman al-Obeidy from Libya. After several months of enduring undoubted harrassment and basically threats on her life by government agents and their ilk in Libya, someone needs to help this heroic young lady escape to freedom.

 I'm not sure the link will work, because the web address is funky, but the Atlantic story says that Ms. al-Obeidy is cloistered away in the French Embassey in Tunis and being assisted by a diplomatic protection team.

If this turns out to be true, I will have to seriously reconsider many of my opinions about the French government developed since 911.

Seriously. I like the current French President. He has shown great resolve in Libya. His country needs to invest a lot more in missles and other heavy hardware.

I sure hope that Ms. al-Obeidy being protected by the French Government is the correct version because as related below, her families version has her in Qatar. I hope Ms. al-Obeidy is able to seek sanctuary where ever she chooses. I see her as having far more opportunity to do whatever she needs to do personally or professionally in a Western country versus another country in the Mid-East.

Other news reports have Ms. al-Obeidy in Qatar according to her father. That article on CNN also says she is hoping for protection from a Western Government. Mr. President, are you listening? This is a teachable moment for the entire world.

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