Thursday, May 26, 2011


pictures from The Pharmory

I found a cool new gun blog, courtesy of  a post over at The Firearms Blog and it's called Pharmory and it's apparently a couple home gunsmiths working on various weapons and modifications.

The post that caught my eye was about converting some Mosin Nagant rifles into 16.25" barreled carbines modified to shoot .45-70. Lots of work here, my friends, but I'd like to have one of these guns when they get them working right. Pretty nifty, particularly considering that the fodder for the conversion can be had for anywhere from $79 to $99 with the higher grade pick weapons going for more.

Interesting looking guns that sort of remind me of the larger, bigger brother to a Norinco SKS carbine I saw recently.

Here's another interesting post, also from The Firearm Blog about making a 10 round magazine for the Mosin Nagant and the link to the project is here and he's built a very cool sniperized version of the Mosin he calls The Mosunov.  And here's a link to a directory of his marked gun posts. Cool site and he's big into the steampunk movement and makes some interesting looking computer keyboards and other artworks. Obviously a very talented person.

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