Monday, May 30, 2011


I can't seem to respond to comments as myself right now, and other features are askew. I'll get them back to normal as soon as possible, as soon as I can get one of the children to straighten things out for me. Saying that, and it is true for the most part, particularly with The Princess, and it makes me sound more than a little bit like my parents did back in the ancient days of the mid-80's when they'd have me come over to set up/fix/program their VHS VCR for them.

But that's another subject entirely.

To Richard, happy I could help with the info on Tex Shoemaker Holsters for the COP Compact Off-Duty Police .357 four barreled derringer. Like the Roy Head song says, well at least paraphrased by Amarillo Geetar Scott, "They'll treat you right". Do let us know what you order and how you like it!

And to the visitor who scored the Lew's Speed Stick at the garage sale for a dollar, well, that's a dollar mighty well spent. They sold new, at first, for I think $25 bucks, and depending on action, length, style and condition, they average that to $50 on ebay. So you got quite a bargain there, my friend. I was just gandering at a pair set up in the garage ready to go fishing, a worm baitcasting rod with a Curado and a spinning speedstick with the rubber covered handle (a favorite and very comfortable to fish with, I wish more makers had this type of grip surface on their rods as it's very durable and has lasted in my case over 30 years with nolo problemos.

So thanks for stopping by and send me some pics of the rod and the holster you get and I'll post them here. Email is in the profile.


  1. "I can't seem to respond to comments as myself right now..."

    (Zack says) Neither can I... here or on my site... something is screwy with Blogger...

  2. Well, the problems persist, Zach, and also, here's something else screwy: After I sign in, the upper right hand corner where it says "sign in" and "sign out" stays as "sign in", after I am already signed in. If I click that, I go to the dashboard as pops up when you first enter the program.

    It's all beyond me, and I'm afraid I use my full 100% of computer learnin' and operatin' at my work, and have little or no interest in working on same in my spare time.

  3. Zach, interestingly, it won't take my comments as El Fisho signed in, but will post them without moderation as anonymous when I am signed in. Something of a solution to responding to comments. Hope all is well with you, Brother Zach!