Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Like the song by James William Buffett, Jr., I've got a bank of bad habits. We all do. It's a catchy tune, if you've never heard it, you can listen to it here on youtube at the bogus Craig compilation video set to Buffett.

Just ignore the video montage of whoever this Craig Ferguson fellow is and enjoy the second-line-esque funk beat getting laid down by The Coral Reefers. If this tune doesn't make your bones wanna move even a lil' bit, then you need to go see the doctor.

Unfortunately, there's no version of Buffett on youtube doing a version of Bank of Bad Habits live. Hard to believe in this day and age that it's not on facebook or youtube or myspace. Wait a minute. I'm not on any of those social networks either, so never mind.

So hopefully this tune makes your day better. Or a little better.

And yes, the Rooster is still in the house. This morning he stood in front of the front yard fence crowing like the sky was falling whilst my "attack-watch" dogs had their morning outside time. The bird dogs continue to cower somewhat and position themselves so that the Rooster can be watched. The dogs are not happy that their new watchtower positions are not their normal lounging spots in the dirt and grass.

And the dogs continue not to bark, and I mean not one slight little growly-growl or tooth-baring quiet snarl, at the Rooster. Now, today they've barked in frenzies at the small dog next door, the two visiting huge labs at neighbor Jim's house, several assorted squirrels and two neighbor kids walking their dog. So their barking instinct remains intact and functional with regard to all other putative intruders, particularly canine.

A couple of weeks ago, the dominant dog, a sweet female dog of some kind of bull dog/bird dog/spaniel/St. Bernard as determined by the rescue charity that saved her from the pound, snatched a baby possum from behind some shelving in the backyard and had no issues barking at and corraling that creature, whilst the rest of her pack circled and barked and howled as if there were a million of these possum creatures instead of one.

So I say all of this to say that it is unusual that none of the dogs are barking or challenging the Rooster when it is near one of the fences.

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