Friday, May 20, 2011


Recently, AMERICAN HANDGUNNER Editor (as well as being involved in GUNS magazine) Roy Huntington, who answers his own emails by the way to his loyal readers such as I, had an article on great rig made by PURDY GEAR, Custom Leather Goods. To say that craftsman Karla Van Horne has a gift with leather and can create TRUE ART in leather and metal with her holsters is like saying I like having air conditioning in Texas.

Roy had a holster crafted for his customized 1917 .45 ACP revolver that had been converted to a snubbie, and I'm pretty sure that the Purdy rig like his is going to be my request from Santa this year. I need to let Santa know pretty quick so that Santa can subcontract out to Karla for me to have a nice rig like this.

I stumbled up on this rig on the Purdy site, which might be the same rig Roy got, but in any event is in tribute to him, and tell me this is not some cool handgun leather:

If you go HERE, and scroll down the page about halfway, you see the advertisement for this work of art and the various features of this serious holster. Yes, it's not only exquisite in the carving and sewing and design but this is a serious holster, folks. You can see the sturdy nature of this holster. I must have one, I might add.

Here's the description of this rig from the Purdy site, since the description of this extremely cool holster rig doesn't have it's own separate page I can link to:

Roy's Field Holster

Color: British Tan

Holster: Roy's Field Holster with Ranger Belt

Holster Pattern: Huntington Floral with Repeating 9's Border

Belt: Main Body: Repeating 9's and Doc Martin Vine Border

Billets: Huntington Floral

About: We have always maintained that when you have completed your day out in forest or field that you should be able to hang you gunleather on a peg or over a chair and enjoy some memories. This holster is that pretty! But don't let appearances fool you. This rig is Field-hand tough!

Roy's Field Holster varies slightly from our standard holsters mostly from the cut at the throat and toe. The top of the pouch is cut so that the trigger guard is fully-enclosed for protection against brush and debris. The moveable rear sights are protected by an integral shroud. The combination of safety strap and shroud works particularly-well with the N-Frame revolvers which tend to have a wide, bulbous hammer that tends to hang up a thumb tab. The toe on this one is open by request. It can be had with a stitched-through toe or even with a toe plug.

This rig looks like it would work better with a snubbie, and it makes me want to buy a S&W M19 or (in my dreams) a Colt Python snubbie. I'd like to have one of these for a .357 Ruger Security Six 4" as well as a S&W N Frame 4" .44, both of which I already have, and I feel confident that this genius behind Purdy could position a holster such as this properly on the belt so that balance and positioning were optimum.

Check out the other high quality and indeed, artwork on the holsters and rigs on her site. Magnificent!

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