Tuesday, August 17, 2010


EDIT: I've seen this fixed wooden stock model Mini 14 blued for sale for between $400 and $500 in several shops lately, whereas new ones are gonna set you back $900 or so. There are TONS of aftermarket add-ons for this gun with all kinds of accessories. Stocks galore including folding stocks, in fact, one aftermarket design uses the venerable CAR-15 telescoping stock. There is even a bullpup design if I recall correctly.
Unfortunately, none of the aftermarket folding stocks do justice to the original one designed by Ruger as shown above. It's righteous, and you can find them on the auction sites, although for a pretty penny, about $300 to $400. Most are, however, new in box (NIB).
Recommended by me is a new fore-end, for some accessories. I saw one such item that had rails on the front half of the fore end and a good sized gripping surface (like a normal unmodified gun) behind the rails. I nice compact laser/flashlight combo would be nice. Add an electronic red dot scope mounted on an elevated rail (so you can still use the iron sights) and you are GTG (Good To Go).
Using a double mag clip as shown above and one of the stock mounted elastic band mag holder that holds one mag opposite the cheek side is an option as well, making for either 1 or 2 extra mags with the gun at all times. Sometimes, your bail out bag might not be available, which is why every assault rife case I own also contains some sort of handgun, some extra ammo for it, extra rifle mags, a holster, a tactical folder, a combat knife, a flashlight and some sort of belt in case I don't have a belt with me. If there is room, some kind of small backup handgun with some extra rounds and an ankle holster is in the rifle case as well.
A double assault rifle bag with a pistol grip shotgun and a Mini-14 with folding stock, extra ammo and the handgun/knife stuff mentioned above makes for a formitable home defense arsenal as well as a traveling kit you can fit discretely into a medium sized duffle and go anywhere with it
I was glad to see the Hannibal character in the remake of THE A TEAM this summer using a collapsible stocked stainless Ruger Mini 14 version of his assault rigle throughout the movie. At one time, they were very popular issue to law enforcement throughout the United States in the 70's and 80's.

It resembles an M1 Carbine in appearance, and I can't say about the firing system. They are highly reliable, rugged and accurate, like most Ruger firearms I've owned and shot. It shoots .223 and is available with 5 round, 20 round and 30 round factory magazines. Spend the extra $ and go with the factory mags over clone mags, unless you know someone who has had an exceptional run of good service with a particular clone mag. This is true of almost all guns that use magazines.

It's a well balanced gun, and all kinds of optics and rails and such can be easily attached to the gun. There are lots of aftermarket stock kits, both folding and fixed stock, that make the gun look fearsome. But I like the classic look, perhaps installing a rail on the scope mount for an Aimpoint M2 and a short rail replacement handguard for a low profile flashlight and low profile laser combo.

Law enforcement versions have been available for years with selective fire options, but the regular old semi-auto is fine with me. Talk to any pro soldier like special forces and the like who has seen fire fights and walked away and ask him if he was blazing the few rounds he carried with him in 3 round bursts or full auto fire or judiciously shooting the enemy semi-auto.

When I worked the streets some 30 years ago, at one point we were issued Ruger Mini 14 semi auto rifles and 870 shotguns with wood stocks and 20" barrel.

It's as viable a choice for self defense and predator control today as it was 30 years ago when I first shot one.

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