Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The new look and functions of Google images has greatly stifled my ability to hardly post a picture at all. I really don't care to save useable pictures on my computer just to post them, as this annoys Mrs. El Fisho greatly. We try to avoid annoying Mrs. El Fisho whenever possible as it makes our life much simpler and for a happier Mrs. El Fisho, and after years of marriage to me, the least she deserves is some happiness.

So I apologize for the format and sometimes when the paragraphs merge together and I am unable to separate them into proper style.

I suppose I could spend hours learning how to fix these problems but that would take away from my writing and web surfing.

Oh well. Sorry.


  1. I have been having the same problem. Write on!

  2. Yeah, but your blog is like a zillion times more cool than mine, TGR. Don't be offended either, I don't facebook.