Saturday, August 21, 2010


First thing off, I'm going to develop an acronym for the Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact 9mm for my postings here. So it will be BPSC from here on out.

I'm hoping some of those folks surfing the net will make some good suggestions about holster options for this fine gun. I am aware of several friends who have bought this great pistol as well as several in the blogosphere who also use it.

SO please tell me what holsters sized for what gun and what model number you are using for your BPSC.

A lot of holster makers don't list holsters for the BPSC, but have them for the full size and the compact models. Upon looking at them, some of them (belt slides and abbreviated length type IWB and belt holsters look like they would fit it well,

I myself favor the High Noon Holster Company Bare Asset and Mr. Softy for this gun for IWB carry. The Mr. Softy is much more concealable, yet the slightly higher rise and 15 degree cant of the Bare Asset still conceal well with shorts and a larger T-shirt or Polo.

Likewise, the Tagua Holster company makes a belt slide specifically for this gun. My Tague came from a bargain bin in a small town gun store and was made for the Beretta 92. I had read that the PX4 would fit into most holsters for the 92, and at least in terms of the Tagua, it fits perfectly and very tight yet easy to draw. It tucks the butt into the body for maximum concealment, and even new it's a very reasonably priced holster.

So I'm also looking for a Bianchi Askins Avenger for the Beretta 92 to use on the BPSC. If you've got one to get rid of, email me at the profile address. I have an Askins for a smaller Beretta Cheetah, which I used to have (great gun as well!) and I'd love to have another Cheetah, particularly in .22 caliber.

Even if I had to have one of my holstersmith friends cut down an Askins for a full size 92 or the clones and variants in the barrel length portion of the holster, it'd still be a bargain. There simply is no other belt concealment holsters that equal the real Bianchi Askins Avenger. The placement of the belt loop and slot are perfect, and for me it fits my body extremely well.

I'd like to get one the nylon belt/clip holsters that features the extra magazine holder on the front of the holster for carrying the gun in the car. You see a lot of them on ebay but you never know the quality, thickness or firmness of the holster, much less the stitching and the security of the mounting system for the clip. I'd like to see some in person. I'm not a big fan of nylon holsters but would like to have one for taking fishing, since most of my outdoor trips revolve around fishing at some point in the adventure.

Bianchi used to make a great horizontal hold shoulder holster for small compact autos like the PPK/S. It was lightweight and thin leather and concealed well and is probably the most comfortable shoulder holster I have ever worn, including several Jackass Holsters from the early 80's and other great shoulder holsters. It had elastic for the opposite holster side, which is far more comfortable to me than leather that carries extra ammo.

I'm kinda looking for a couple of "old timey" shoulder holsters from anywhere from the 50's to the 70's. These types of holsters, mostly for revolvers, had strong spring retention systems and the bottom of the holster looped through the pants belt, so it kind of rode like a high ride crossdraw holster. Of course, no crossdraw holster could ride that high with a butt heavy gun like the BPSC. Althought the weight of the BPSC is well distributed and it has a heavy slide which seems to compenste for the weight of the high capacity magazine loaded with bullets, to me in certain high ride holsters it is butt heavy. Not unlike I have found the HK P7 and especially the P13 pistols to be. I always felt the P7 to be a bit floppy on the top end in an Askins Avenger holster with a properly stiff pistolbelt underneath.

Pistols like the Browning Hi Power and various high capacity Para-Ordinance and even the Glock Model 21 pistols have some weight at the slide and barrel end of the gun that seems to allow them to carry well in the Askins and various high ride belt holsters despite the weight of their hi capacity magazines. Again, as always, your milage may vary.

I think the Fobus paddle and belt holsters for the PX4 compact would fit the BPSC, but I'd prefer a holster as short as the gun instead of having an extra half inch or more of space of empty holster at the bottom. Concealment means concealment, and every little bit helps in Texas, where's it's been very hot lately. Still, a Fobus would be nice to have for a field holster for fishing. I have several Fobus holsters, and although different, I do like them and they are secure.

I'd be very interested to see what some holster makers in other parts of the world are making that I have not come across. High Noon Holsters has other designs for this weapon, and although I have not tried them, I am impressed with the products of theirs that I have purchased.


  1. concealable holster for s&w airweight 2 in barrel. any good ideas? i sure enjoy your blog .first thing i read in the morning upon arriving at work---thanks

  2. I use Beretta or vega holster. They've got some pretty good cross draw holsters.

  3. Anonymous, I'll make a short post, just for you, recapping my favorite J frame holsters.
    You're certainly welcome to stay anonymous, but it'd be cool to have a name (even if fake) or a handle or a screen name to keep track of who is commenting. I'm far too lazy to go to the stat page and follow posts and such. You're welcome to stay anon, but how about anon2001 or anything you want.

    In any event, thanks for the nice comments.

    Rob, I'll check out the Beretta and Vega holsters. I like crossdraws on occasion but normally favor an Askins Avenger or IWB holster. I'm needing a 70's-80's Bianchi Cross Draw that will fit a 1911 or Hi Power big time. Like the one John Wayne used in Brannigan in 1975 for his spare gun.

    Thanks for stopping by!