Thursday, August 12, 2010


I don't add bloggers too often, simply because it takes a lot to hold my attention. Of the folks I kinda started blogging at the same time with a while back, only Texas Ghostrider is still going.

One of the most hilarious blogs that I really enjoyed was Life After Esq. Ms. So-and-So has a knack not only for writing but for storytelling as well, a trait that is serving her well as a prosecutor keeping our streets safe. Ms. So and So don't blog anymore, and it's been a year or so since she left an anonymous comment on the blog, as far as I know.

My mentor A.J. MacReady was entertaining to say the least, and really should consider doing standup when he retires from his day gig. He's a friend, and HE HAS NO IDEA HOW FUNNY OR BRILLIANT HE IS! That's what makes it so funny. He thinks he's pulling off a 3rd rate off-strip Vegas Monday night lounge act, and everyone who reads him thinks he's at least as funny as Seinfeld. In our friend group, at least. Again, he's vanished into thin air, and I heard a nasty rumor that he was living somewhere in the near-European netherworld that is comprised of parts of the former Soviet republic, working as a back waxer in an "off strip" women's only nail salon, meaning somewhere in a country that ends with the phrase "stan", my talented literary friend is living in self-imposed exile and ripping sheets of waxed and profuse dark hair off the backs of "husky" sized women. 14 hours a day. When he is not working, I understand he does a self-invented form of yoga (called YAGO) that involves some basic yoga principals and playing 1960's through 1980's cover tunes on his SG guitar. Except for the obsessive-compulsive guitar playing, it's hardly a fitting repose for a man of such great promise...

And then there is Jason. Jason is a Texas policeman and he too had a gift for framing his life adventures into some very good reading.

Alas, they're gone now, at least from blogging, and I miss them. It's been just impossible to replace them in my blog reading, although I've been reading some interesting new blogs as of late. Texas Ghostrider turned me onto a great cop blog called The Boogie Man Is My Friend... written by a highly entertaining street officer. Check it out, she's a great officer and it sounds like she has her hands full with job, family and children (like most of the rest of us).

I recently found Stefi's blog, written by a trio of Europeans (from Italy, I believe), and their blog has a lot of information about self defense, guns and especially knives, along with the occasional adventure or op-ed post. But the knife information is great, and their credentials in various sports and arts that could be considered as "self defensive" is impressive. I wish their posts were longer, as they tend to be on the brief side, but they participate in the commentary so more information does often accompany the blog post.


  1. thanks for the mention, But really thanks for the turn on to stefi's blog.

  2. WELL, TGR, YOU DO have a GREAT blog. And you are a funny boy in your opinions and such, and you make me laugh AND make me think. Thinkings not so bad if it comes with a lot of laughing. I'm still working through the archives at Boogie Man, and she has the gift as well.

    She sounds like someone you'd want backing you up on a call, just like you do.

    El Fisho