Monday, August 9, 2010


I know learnable might not be a "proper"word, but it's the best way of satirizing our President's famous "escape hatch maneauver" when he made the gaffe during a State of the Nation speech in the summer of 2009. As you recall, Mr. President slammed a white police officer who arrested an old chum of President Obama, no less than a Harvard Law Professor, who happened to be a person of color.

A neighbor had called the police, saying a man she didn't know was forcing his way into a home by trying to force a door open. The police responded in the timely manner we would all like, and found said law professor indeed at the home. Instead of responding and telling the officer the truth like any law abiding citizen should do, said law professor got indignant with the officer and ended up being arrested for some type of minor crime.

Our President turned it into a racial moment, as did the good professor. Finally, when public polls hit the roof against President Obama's characterization of events, Obama hosted a "get together" over a beer at the White House between the officer and the arrestee, proclaiming it "a teachable moment".


Today, Obama slapped every Texan in the face when he refused to accept a personal letter from Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas. Although being of different political parties, our Governor had the respect to attend the landing of Air Force One at the Austin airport, and further to greet the President and shake his hand, not making the mistake that former gubernatorial candidate Clayton Williams did 20 years ago in refusing to shake the hand of Ann Richards.

Our Governor apparently was not following "protocol". I would assume that our President considers it to be "bad form" to attempt to hand a letter from a Governor in your country to it's Head of State. A personal communication between two men, regarding a dire crisis, indeed, one that involves great threat of loss of American lives.

Governor Perry wanted President Obama to accept Perry's request for more help from the Feds in dealing with the problems in our border area with Mexico, which are legion. In fact, any idiot with a half an ounce of sense would realize that if any Mexican border state is in danger of having cartel violence boil over into the US on a large scale, it's Texas.

Texas, our Texas.

But the President refused to accept the letter from our Governor. The President acted like our Governor was giving him a fur stole made from the coyote (the four legged kind) that our Governor killed whilst out on a jog with his teeny tiny laser sighted Ruger LCP .380 pistol instead of handing him a letter in an envelope, an envelope so thin it could obviously represent no danger to the President in any regard.

The President chose to snub the missive of our Governor, which again was a plea for help for Texas asking the Feds to send many more troops to South Texas to secure our border. The Feds recently sent under 300 troops to our State to help us hold back the cartel violence that is sure to boil over into our nation at some time.

We've already had many, many cases of known cartel violence occur within the borders of Texas and the U.S. Who knows how many deaths that we don't know about have occured relating to the current cartel wars that are going on in Mexico? The cartel related deaths in the Mexican areas bordering Texas often hit double digits on many days, and I think anyone who has ever visited Mexico and is familiar with it's police, Federales and military know there is little chance of these forces stopping the cartels from hitting the U.S. Hell, they can't even stop their violence now.

Perhaps "My Governor" didn't follow protocol with "My President", and for that, I salute Governor Perry. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, most often, and in affairs of state, rules are protocol are made to be broken. To my fellow Texans, I say they are both Our Governor and Our President whether we voted for them or not. For that, they deserve a certain amount of respect.

But for a guy that's supposed to represent US to refuse to accept a personal letter our Governor Rick, that's an insult that our President is going to feel at the polls in the next election. At least from Texas.

I give it to our Governor for not being a wuss and for trying to talk to the man face to face, mano a mano. I know Governor Perry has invited the President back to Texas to tour the border area, and we'll see if the President accepts.

Add to this great event that happened today the fact that one of Clinton's attorneys and advisors is now a Supreme Court Justice. Yippy skippy. Buy your assault rifles and pistols and tactical knives and high capacity shotguns and ammo now folks, if you don't already have them, because I fear that 1994 might not be too far away.

Way to go, Rick! Thanks for being a Governor trying to get some justice and protection for it's people. I hope you one day get to tell our President that the Constitution guarantees us the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and that the current border situation could affect those inalienable rights, not only for Texans, but for all Americans.
I'm a Perry supporter but love him or hate him, you gotta admit, he's got a great freakin' head of hair.

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