Friday, April 2, 2010


I finally saw my friend Max's Model 66 snubbie yesterday, and what an inspiring sight it was. In all it's stainless glory. I marveled at it's wonder. It's a cool gun if you like revolvers and snubnoses.
It's a big gun. Like the well known handgun shooting instructor Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch says: "It's a big gun when you put it on and it's a big gun when you pull it out." He doesn't actually say that about the Model 66, but he's referring to the just a bit larger signature model that Smith and Wesson makes for him. But the same sentiment applies.
It's a big gun.
The only thing I would change if I had one would be the rear sight. I'd put some sort of low profile fixed and tapered combat rear sight on there, because the stock rear sight is a snagger and a body poker unless worn with the right type of holster. Cylinder and Slide makes a rear combat sight for several S&W custom shop revolvers, so that's what I'd probably want on mine, along with a set of Pachmayrs.
The pictures above show two different guns with two different aftermarket Pachmayr grips. The top grip is the full sized Pachmayr with finger grooves and I don't know the model name. The bottom grip is the Pachmayr Compact grip, one of my favorites on other snubbies for nearly thirty years.
I want one of these real bad. I'm also partial to the .357 Model 65 Ladysmith with a 3" barrel and shrouded ejector rod, a lightweight stainless version of the venerable Model 13 . It's been so many years since I've seen a nice Model 66 that it was a sight for sore eyes. I've seen some beat Model 19 snubbies with lots of scars, but Max's gun was of course immaculate.
Hogue also make a dandy line of rubberized grips. I don't own any but I've been meaning to get a pair to try out for my Model 67 square butt that I've been carrying occasionally. It is a big gun too, just not as damn great looking as the Model 66 with the 2 1/2" barrel and a nice set of black pachmayrs.


  1. the 66 is a good gun the one i have is a tack driver , when you whip it out people are in aww
    especially if their standing there with their little glocks

  2. Thanks for stopping by. The 66 is one of those guns I'd want with me if the SHTF! It's hard to beat the reliability of the big 3 in handguns for me...Colt, Smith and Wesson and Ruger.

    Folks at the range do take note when you pull out a revolver and have some ability to shoot it, particularly if shooting magnum loads