Monday, April 5, 2010


I saw prelude to a review because I have not had the chance to shoot this gun yet, but wanted to give some initial impressions of this fairly recent addition to the Sig AND high capacity 9mm polymer frame families.

So far, my impressions are good. So good that I've been searching online to find some pricing on this same gun but in .357 Sig.

Billy Ray was kind enough to loan it to me for an evaluation. I loaned him a gun in exchange to play with and carry around with him, and we'll make the trade back in a week or two.

#1 The grip on this gun is good for my size hands. I think I have small hands, but on the medium to large side of small hands. The Glock 36 I have is one of the few Glocks that I've really like the feel of. The Glock 21 that I shot competitively with in the 1990's in Houston was a highly accurate and failure proof gun. I never did like the grip on it and it was too big for my hands. I finally put one of the thin rubberized "sleeve" coverings made by Hogue or Pachmayr on it, which interestingly enough actually made it bigger (bad for me) but much more comfortable to hold on to and shoot with.

The grip on this Sig P250 Compact 9mm frame is just perfect for my hand. My prosecutor friend Max has even smaller hands than I, but it fit his hands perfectly when he was checking it out today. He just kept holding on to it, and he didn't want to seem to give it back, muttering about how this fit his hands real good.

Max is a S&W freak, as I have been at times in my life. His latest purchase is the similarly sized newly revamped S&W Military and Police semi-auto in 9mm. I'm pretty sure he likes the grip on his new pistol, as he checked out just about everything available, but I think he really likes the grip on this P250 compact.

#2 This gun fully loaded weighs a couple of ounces more than a Glock 19, it's nearest competitor. It weighs A LOT less than the other high capacity Sigs (made of metal), which weigh more empty than the P250 does full. It's about double the weight of the airweight wonder five shot snubnose concealment revolvers that I often carry. And it's about 5 or 6 ounces more than the Glock Model 36 I frequently carry.

It's a nicely balanced weight, either in an IWB holster (Mr. Softy by High Noon) or a belt slide (Tagua) which were made for the Glock but which the P250 squeezes into. So the P250 is just barely wider than my already thin single stack .45 Glock Model 36 and also fits into the Tagua which fits both the Model 19 and Model 36 fit into. I have not compared the numbers, but I think widthwise it's somewhere between the Glock Model 19 and Model 36.

On the scale, it comes out to right under 32 ounces fully loaded.

#3 The DAO trigger is very nice on this weapon. I like that it has a hammer that I can see, and I can't quite explain why I feel the need to see some part of the mechanism of a gun working. I don't like internal hammers and strikers, although the P250 is sort of a variant of those types of guns. I liken this trigger to being as good as that on my old Python, which was as good as it got. I've owned or shot lots of different DA/SA automatics, and it is clear that this trigger is the nicest of them all.

I can't wait to shoot it.

#4 The edges on this gun are a bit rough. If I bought one, I'd send it off to have it shaved and polished and dehorned to take some of the bite out of the LARGE rear of the slide serrations and the grip. Although the grip feels great in the hand, the sides of the grips are abrasively textured and bothered me the first time I wore it in an IWB holster. The cheap solution would be an IWB holster that has a piece of leather in between skin and gun.

#5 I've ordered Billy Ray a Bare Asset holster for this gun, made by High Noon Leather. It's basically their Mr. Softy design with a forward cant. He's done a lot of favors for me lately and at $26.95, you can't go wrong. It's a custom holster bargain. It's a great holster and I wear mine daily with my Glock Model 36. High Noon keeps both the Mr. Softie (Straight Drop) and the Bare Asset (Forward Cant) as "stocking items", meaning they are in stock and ready to ship today. Much of what High Noon makes is custom, and based upon my satisfaction with their holster, I'll be ordering some more in the near future. A custom holster at a bargain price, and I'd pay another $50 for a holster this nice and well made.

I'll write more after I shoot this gun and see how I like it. Billy Ray favors it over his beloved Hi Power, so that's something, because I like how Hi Powers shoot. Totally different guns but same caliber. But like the Glock Model 19 and 17, the Hi Power, even with Pachmayrs, never quite fit my hand right.

But for now, I'm mightily impressed with the build quality and the trigger.

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