Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm not ready to finish the review, but I do have some more observations about this gun.

After talking to Billy Ray, I found out his P250 that I was using for the evaluation had the "medium" sized compact grips. Apparently there is a larger size as well as a smaller size. I'd have to say that this perfect grip could only be made more perfect by a slightly smaller grip.

I still have not shot the gun, perhaps since during the two weeks I had the gun I was going through two of the most intense yet also perhaps the most rewarding weeks of my professional career. I didn't have any spare time, and as she often does when my duty calls, Mrs. El Fisho picks up all the slack and takes care of everything at home, in addition to working her own job and working on a Master's. Amazing woman.

I don't carry a gun normally until I have shot it, but since my good friend Billy Ray had shot the gun since he bought it, I took a chance and carried it concealed for several weeks. I used a new Bare Asset by High Noon Leather IWB holster, and I can say I like the Bare Asset better than the Mr. Softy that I have by the same maker. The Bare Asset has a 15 degree forward (FBI) cant, whereas the Mr. Softy is a straight drop holster and rides a bit lower than the Bare Asset. After two weeks with the Bare Asset for the P250, I can say I'm about to order one for my Glock 36. It rides a bit higher, and I'm a big fan of forward cant holsters.

Although High Noon is a custom maker, and it normally takes weeks or months to get your custom order holster made, the Bare Asset and the Mr. Softy IWB holsters are stocking items there, meaning they are in stock NOW and ready to ship today. Really, at $26.95 plus shipping, there's not a better bargain available in holsters for as far as I'm concerned.

So I'll wait until I shoot it before I give my final review. But the pistol is well made, is available in a variety of calibers and is reasonably priced. They had the compact and the sub-compact P250 at Academy for $499.00, both in 9mm.

I really like the feel of the sub compact P250, but I'd like to see if one of the grips for it is a tad bit longer to allow a pinky purchase or if there is a magazine extension or replacement bottom magazine plate that would accomplish the same purpose. My searches of various forums on this issue have as yet turned up no information.

Finally, although I like carrying a .45 because there is no .46, there is something to be said for being able to carry 16 rounds of 9mm in a compact package with a well made gun for a relatively light weight.

Sig needs to make some carry version modifications to this gun, smoothing out sharp edges and doing something about those sandpaper grip panel. I can say that if I owned this gun it would have some sort of rubber grip sleeve on it because it does remind me of the sharp feeling I used to get with the checkered stock wood grips on my early 1980's Colt Python. It HOIT when you used to shoot that gun with magnum loads and the wood grips. The Python's sharp, highly detailed checkering dug into my hands and it hurt. And I suspect this Sig might feel the same. I'll let you know.

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