Sunday, February 14, 2010


Recently I posted here NEED SNUBNOSE BARREL FOR EITHER A K FRAME M67/15 O... about my search for either a 2.5" or preferably a 3" inch shrouded barrel to put on my Model 67.

I've got some emails out to knowledgeable Smith and Wesson type folks, to try to find out if a Model 65 Ladysmith 3" or Model 13/65 3" barrel (in .357 Magnum) would fit my K frame Model 67, since they are both based upon the same frame.

I'm also hunting pawn shops and gun shows for either the Model 65 Ladysmith or the Model 13/65, either with a 3" barrel. I'd love to have a shrouded barrel, meaning that the ejector rod underneath is shrouded by a metal compartment, as opposed to being exposed as with the Model 15/67/13/65.

The Ladysmith featured a shrouded barrel. In any event, any new barrel will also require a new ejector rod sized for 3" possibly, and those seem to be in some supply. I've been hitting some of the gun and gun parts auction sites, and no luck yet, but I feel certain I will find a 3" barrel that I like.

To again address the question of why I would need such a revolver, since I own several ultralight snubnose revolvers, all I can say is go spend some time shooting a couple of boxes of your normal carry ammo through a 12 ounce or 15 ounce wonder and a similar sized revolver that weighs twice as much and is made of all steel.

Yes, the ultralights are a joy to carry, but go to a combat range where you can run through a variety of targets and situations with your gun, again using your regular ammo. See whether you shoot multiple targets better with a steel gun or an ultra light gun. If you have a chance to shoot your regular ammo through a steel gun with a 3" or 4" barrel, see how much more accurate the longer barreled and heavier gun is compared to the ultralight.

Like a lot of other folks who carry weapons for self defense, I had forgotten just how much better my heavier pistols shot. That 1" extra of barrel that a 3" barrel gun has makes all kinds of difference in accuracy and a few extra ounces in gun weight makes all the difference in the world in recovery time and target acquisition. Trust me on this and try it yourself.

I have found the sights I want to put on my Model 67, and will be ordering them this week. Cylinder and Slides fixed sights that bolt to a the adjustable sight Model 67 configuration. They look like they would be much more snagless, a key for a carry weapon. That and some Pachmayr grips will start the project.

See how target acquisition and accuracy can be affected by gun weight


  1. Did you ever find a barrel? I can't find one online

    Looking for a replacement for a bulged model 10

    E-mail me:

  2. No, I never found one. No luck at all.