Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Do you like how all of that rhymes? I thought I did very nicely with that blog post title.

Now my regular readers, all three of you, are saying to self, "Self, why is El Fisho talking about something as topical and silly as Tila Tequila?".

And I am prepared to answer that. You see, I like to blog to relax a bit and do something different than my other myriad of responsibilies. Job. Wife. Kids. Parents. Sisters and sisters-in-law. Friends.

Mostly I blog about music, guns, guitars and drums and other musical instruments, fishing, Texas, Texas history just every now and then, about current events. Usually when I get into current events, I'm REALLY trying to relax and so I blog about something I ordinarily wouldn't write on.

Tila is from my hometown, Houston, Texas. I don't know her, nor do I know anyone who knows her. I'm not likely to ever know anyone who does know her. So why do I care?

Escapism, accomplished by finding humor in the acts and words of the various celebrities that thrust themselves into the media via their ravings on Facebook and Twitter.

I don't Facebook.

I don't Twitter.

I set up an account on each, but never used it. Because of that mistake, I have something like 40 friends wanting me to friend them on Facebook. I've emailed them and told them I don't think I have what it takes to be a Facebooker or a Tweeter. Other members of my family do Facebook and Tweet, so they're getting the scoop and relaying ti me the old fashioned way: by email.

But I digress.

I was sent a posting that Tila made that was itself posted onto a gossip blog called Radar Online. I've seen it a few times going back to the Dr. Conrad Murray - Michael Jackson debacle.

Having read all too many Tila articles in legitimate newspapers, news magazines and online sites, I'm oversaturated with Tila. I can honestly say I've never seen her on TV during her brief and mostly over reality show career. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Except for Tila. She won't go away. Now she says that she is going away, hence the title to this post.

Reference this from Radar Online:

On Wednesday, a former bodyguard of Tila Tequila told that the reality star had revealed that the father of her unborn child was a former high school flame. Tequila quickly fired back with her version of the story.

EXCLUSIVE: Tila Tequila's Former Bodyguard Claims Her Baby Daddy Is High School Sweetheart

“Tila told us the father of her baby is her high school sweetheart,” Kris, owner of The Bodyguard Group, told “He’s a U.S. Army combat veteran who served in Afghanistan and now lives in Texas.”

Tila Tequila Deletes Twitter Page

Hours later, Tequila released the following statement to exclusively to discredit her former employee’s comments:

“He is NOT my baby daddy!!! Why is everyone all up in my business? Why are all these random people coming out of the woodworks saying that they are my baby Daddy??? All I have to say to that is that these guys just want publicity and that's not ok! Not only are they causing me stress, they are using this situation and trying to exploit a baby! People are so fame hungry that they will do anything to get their 15 seconds of fame!!! That's also why I decided to delete my twitter account! Everything I tweet the media follows and will make up their own stories that are not true! Plus people still think I'm lying about being pregnant even after they saw my sonogram!! If I was really that much of an attention whore like people claim, I would NOT have deleted my profile. I did it cuz I need to protect my baby from all the BS and also to prove to people that I don't need twitter to make headlines nor am I attention whore.”

Me thinks she protests...oh never mind.

So the million dollar question is, how long will the tweeting hiatus last for Tila? She's more or less out of the public eye again, now that a few weeks have passed since her beloved, Ms. Johnson's, untimely and sad death.

I'm taking all guesses on how long Tila can keep her twittering digits from throwing down some tasteless tweeting.

I'm thinking like a day.

She's a homegirl, and although she's living in the Sunny Southern "It Never Rains in" California, she's still a Houston girl. And I suspect, when her brief flame of fame flickers out, she'll return to Houston.

And like Slampo would say, we can name a part of town THE TILA TEQUILA DISTRICT. Some Guy Called "Mahatma" Gets His Own "District," But Lightnin' Hopkins Only Rates a Historical Plaque? (Which Is Better Than Nothin')

It would solve a lot of problems with the different racial groups parrying over what ethnic group gets to name a part of Houston as a certain district, such as Slampo discusses at the above link.


  1. OMG this is soo true..when extremly bored i would type her name into twitter and read up on some of her posts...I could never add her, way too many posts for me..I just found her posts to be just totally mind blowing rediculous..lmao..I was shocked to see her delete guessing no more than a week..lool visit my blog page

  2. Thanks for the guess, Sandi, and nice blog there!