Friday, February 19, 2010


I went to the locally owned but generally well stocked for a small gun store that's near my work yesterday at lunch. I got the gun fever, as does my friend who went with me. We went to several pawn shops in the area first, and to our dismay, neither carried handguns. One had a few rifles for sale but they were not on display, but some pictures of them were.

It's been a long time since my active pawn shopping days, looking for gun, guitar, amp and drum bargains in the early 80's pawn shops. But I can't recall ever having gone to a pawn shop that didn't sell guns, or pistols.

So off we went to the local gun shop. I saw a marvelous Colt Detective Special in the box for $650, a few of the beloved Kimber Ultra Carry and Ultra CDP II .45's, and the Smith and Sig versions of their new .22 assault rifles.

Both the .22 assault rifles were nice. The Smith was much lighter and has nice sights, while the Sig was typical Sig solid and function and felt very good in the hands. It didn't have any sights or a handle, having an accessory rail on top of the gun, which was flat and reminded of the original Armalites. The folding/extendable stock was very nice and accomodates both me and El Fisho Jr. quite well in the different positions. Both were priced at $499 and I'd like to have one of each, although I'm tempted to make a go for the Sig because I bet it is a great shooting gun.

The Kimber compact 1911 triggers are just fabulous. I recently shot a Ultra CDP quite a lot and I really liked it. Nice shooting gun.

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