Tuesday, February 23, 2010


-We got a little bit of snow today, a rare occurrence in my part of Texas. It was very nice to have some snow although it melted upon hitting the ground. In the corners and on cars it stayed, so there was some fodder for snowballing. It was very pretty when the large cornflake sized snow was drifting down. Like many other things in life, it was beautiful, but now it's gone and only a memory. I got El Fisho Jr. out of school early, when the snow was falling at it's heaviest, so he could do some playing and some snowball throwing. I didn't get enough of that as a kid growing up in Houston, in fact, I barely have any snow memories at all.

-I watched Zombieland tonight, and it was a funny and lighthearted movie. I enjoyed the acting, and since I really knew nothing about the movie other than Woody Harrelson was in it, I was quite pleasantly surprised. Bill Murray's cameo was very funny. It was a different treatment on the zombie genre, and although I've not watched many zombie flicks since childhood, I'm familiar with the various treatments and storylines. I liked this one and laughed out loud more than a few times.

-Speaking of zombie storylines, one of my friends who lives in L.A. has a daughter in N.Y.C a few years out of college working for the publisher who did the recent Jane Austen and the Zombies book, and apparently that author was following up the Austen treatment with a book about Honest Abe Lincoln and the Zombies. She says the Austen book sold well. Who knew?

-I'm planning at least two trips to the West Coast for the first half of this year and two to the East Coast. One will be a family car trip to the Eastern Seaboard to visit relatives of my wife and the other three will be airplane business trips. Unlike Ms. Kardashian's recent tweets, I can keep a secret about an Air Marshal if I'm lucky enough to be on a flight so staffed and figure out who they are. Two years ago, when doing some extensive traveling between the two coasts, I came across the same fellow, in the same sports coat, on several long distance east coast flights that were several months apart, the latter one during the holidays. I was pretty sure he was an Air Marshal, and told no one but the wife.

-Speaking and thinking of Air Marshals, my friend Max took a drive across Texas yesterday, stopping into one of his favorite gun shops during his trip. He called me excitedly to tell me that they had a pristine used S&W Model 60 in the store. I plan to call that shop today. That's the primary gun that the old school Sky Marshal's used to carry back in the early days of the Sky Marshal program, but I like it because it's an all steel frame five shot .357 J frame revolver with a concealable round butt and it weighs a very reasonable 22 oz and some change. It was priced reasonably. I can't wait for the full report today.

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