Saturday, March 27, 2010


The upper image is of the ultra compact yet still allowing full hand grasp revolver grip. I use this on my J frames. It is far superior to the stock skinny wood grips that come on some J frames. The back strap ad front strap are covered and the Pachmayr grips make my Model 38 Bodyguard Airweight a pleasure shoot, particularly when considering the original minimalist grips.
There is a place for the small wooden grips on the J frame, and that is when ankle holster or extreme summer IWB carry is required. I am looking for a Pachmayr grip adapter to use in these situations.
For nearly 30 years I've carried the Compac grips on my Colt Cobra, and again, for concealment the wooden grips beat out the Pachmayrs but for shooting comfort the rubber grips rule the road. The Cobra has the larger wood grips, which render it a more pleasureable gun to shoot than almost any other snubbie in it's size, weight and caliber, but the Pachmayr Compact grip again covers the back and front strap and minimizes much recoil.
I recently got a set of the larger presentation grips for my Cobra. They are the same grips I used on my Python as a police officer, and they fit my hand exceptionally well. Shooting them on my Cobra, it made my favorite gun even mo' betta' to shoot. I wish I had gotten a set of these 30 years ago, but I'm glad I at least got them now. Makes the Cobra quite a bit less concealable on a belt holster under a shirt but it's not so bad in an IWB rig. The Presentation grips make shooting this already excellent gun better with much less recoil.
My wood grips on my Python lasted about a week, after shooting several rounds of magnum loads through them.
My Thompston Contenders in .410/.45 LC have both sported Pachmayr grips and foregrips, as well as my Browning Hi-Power Practical and my Colt Commander, since the time they were new, which is as long as 25 years ago. I once had a Pachmayr grip on a CAR-15.
All of my old Pachmayrs look as good as they did when they were new. Many of my law enforcement and just plain old shooting friends don't like the "look" of Pachmayrs and other rubber grips. I've always been a function over form kind of gun guy, and to me they look great anyway. I love a nice set of wood grips on a Detective Special or Cobra, but I like my Pachs on them.
I know Hogue grips are great too. I've shot several guns with them and was always very impressed. But Pachmayr got me hooked and since I've had zero issues with them, I'm a loyal 30 year customer.

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