Thursday, March 25, 2010


Micheal K over at DLISTED has a great idea DLISTED is a hilarious gossip site that's fun to read when new stories like Jesse James giving Tiger Woods a run for the money in the girlfriend department are coming out. He's got a great idea for a new reality show: THE HO-LYMPICS.

Here's what Michael says (he refers to Jesse James as The Vanilla Gorilla):

"Once more mistresses come forward, someone should organize a Ho-lympics. Vanilla Gorilla's mistresses vs. Tiger Woods' mistresses! There can be events like the sext-athlon (who can make a dude **** a *** from a text message the fastest) and the 300-meter race (who can put all her clothes back on and run through the sprinklers in heels before his wife gets home). This must happen!"

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And in other Jesse James news today, I have a vision of the late actor Jim Nabors running down the street clad as Goober Pyle screaming "Citizen's A-REST, Citizen's A-REST" at Barney Fife, if you remember that old skit from The Andy Griffith Show.

Jesse decided to do a citizens A-REST on a Papp for stalking him, who in turn made a citizens A-REST on Jesse for allegedly messin' with his Papp ride.

Makes me sad I'm not in LA and that I'm missing all the fun.

Seriously, when Gloria Allred gets involved, there's a high likelihood that someone is going to bleed cash money.

I'm also convinced that Papps are some sort of in-life purgatory for celebs. They get big $$ and don't have to work, but the Papps come along for the ride.

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