Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vernon De'Ath seeking Rod De'Ath

I received a comment from Mr. Vernon De'Ath today, on the More about drummer Rod De'Ath
and Vernon says:

I've been wanting to find news of Rod's whereabouts for over a decade but gave up a few years ago after a fruitless search by every means I could think of. Thought of him yesterday, so decided to have just one more try on the internet today and .... Bingo! ... loads of links came up including this blog. If anyone is still in touch with him please tell him that his brother (by his Dad's first marriage) would warmly welcome an opportunity to communicate with him in some way.

I decided to throw a new thread at the front of the blog about Vernon's post to bring it to the forefront. Some months ago, I received a comment from a gentleman named Running Man, who said he is Rod's Cousin. He posted previously on the above-thread about Rod and I have Running Man's email address and will alert him of your request made above.

Here's some communication I received from Running Man back in October of last year:

Met up with Rod & his wife yesterday for a drink. He has been on this site & was pleasantly surprised at the level of interest in him after all these years. He has decided that he is now ready to to interact with fans (to a certain extent)but remains keen gaurd his privacy. He has asked me to make the first contact with you, so Fishing Musician,he has given me permission to pass on his e mail to you.

I talked with Running Man via email and sent him my information and told him that whenever and however Rod would like to interact with his fans via a post on this website would be fine with me. Since then, I haven't heard a word, so maybe one day Rod will email me or I'll hear from Running Man again. I didn't get Rod's address but Running Man passed on my address to Rod per his email.

Good things come to those who wait. Lately, I've been listening to Calling Card by Rory, and what a great tune and CD that is.

Thanks for stopping by, Vernon.

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