Friday, January 21, 2011


Just go here and read this well-written two page article on the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry back in December of 2010 in Arizona.,0,7944792.story?page=1&utm_medium=feed&track=rss&utm_campaign=Feed%3A%20latimes%2Fnews%2Fnationworld%2Fnation%20%28L.A.%20Times%20-%20National%20News%29&utm_source=feedburner

The article, by Kim Murphy, goes on to say:

That he was keenly aware of the peril became apparent after his death. On his desk was a message he wrote to himself titled: "If Today Be the Day." Josephine said her son read it regularly before he set off for work."If you seek to do battle with me this day, you will receive the best that I am capable of giving. It may not be enough, but it will be everything I have to give, and it will be impressive," it said."I have kept myself in peak physical condition, schooled myself in martial arts, and have become proficient in the application of combat tactics. You may defeat me, but you would be lucky to escape with your life. You may kill me, but I am willing to die if necessary. I have been close enough to it on enough occasions that it no longer concerns me. But I do fear the loss of my honor, and would rather die fighting than to have it said that I was without courage…"

Does it sound like we are maintaining border security in Arizona? Read about the experiences of some of the landowners living in the "backcountry" near and adjacent to the border. Armed bands of what they call "rip crews" or what we used call in Houston "hijackers", who come to rob those illegally immigrating and drug couriers.

Do you think it's any better in the backcountry of Texas, along the Rio Grande? I watched a border patrol tv show yesterday where two Border Patrol Agents were in Texas and hidden on the American side listening to and watching a gun battle with what they estimated was 12 different machine guns, including a 25mm machine gun. Both guys were combat vets and so probably knew their guns and how they sound in battle. They were armed with M-16's or M-4's or whatever they call them these days, and had some extra magazines (clips, as they say in the media...that's for you, Zach!) but would be woefully undergunned if the battle moved their way.

They were a little under 300 miles from my house. That's not very far, and I have many friends who live all over the valley. I've heard firsthand how many of their relatives across the border have been killed, mostly as innocents, over the past few years. I hear how dangerous the lives of the law abiding folks are in Mexico. All over Mexico.

In any event, back to the point of this post. An American hero died just a few weeks ago. He had told his mom sometime before his death that she didn't know how bad things really are out there on the border.

Brian Terry was part of a special operational unit of the Border Patrol. Why is this encounter and his tragic death not overwhelming the media? We have prayers for Congresswomen Gabby Gifford and understand the media frenzy about her tragic shooting and the deaths of so many other fine folks that day, but really, if the fact that our Border Patrol Agents are dying on American soil from banditos is not news, then what is?


  1. Well said; securing our borders is a matter of national security... and our border areas are indeed becoming a war zone.

  2. FOX News excepted, mainstream media has a general distain for American military and law enforcement personnel.....their deaths are only a footnote while the health and safety of civilians and even enemy combatants make headlines ad nausea.

    The border will be America's next major military conflict......wait and see how the media paints American troops as ruthless barbarians and the Mexican Cartel et al as an impoverished people merely trying to improve their plight.

  3. Well said by both of you fine gentlemen.

    Black Ink, what we need is Kelly Seigler not as District Attorney of Harris County, but so POTUS. Seriously. I know, I know, she doesn't have the political history of others but hey, the American people elected Obama, it could happen? Or a guy can dream...

    I suspect Black Ink and I share the same profession as we habituate several other blogs. I see the results of this border war already in Texas, and know that a large Cartel gunfight in a public place in a large Texas city like Houston, San Antonio or Dallas which are a ways from the border is the next great horror that awaits public safety in Texas.

    We've already got Cartel crime all over Texas, but thus far we've escaped the massive bloodshed of Mexico. But now so many Mexican citizens have sheltered here, what is to become of our neighbor?

    We better worry about it, because there are other nations in the world who would be happy to step into Mexico with LARGE MONEY in the event of a governmental collapse. Really, the Mexican Government at this time is not in control of the vast majority of it's territory, as Hillary told us via wikileaks.

  4. I'll add that I have a very good friend, a friend of 25 years and former college roommate, who is a Border Patrol Agent, and has been for more about 20 years. I worry for him constantly. He's seen more stuff than I ever saw in my Houston law enforcement careers, and in relation to most average folks, I've seen a lot of bad stuff they have no idea goes on.

    Likewise, I have a Fed friend who retired recently and during his foreign posts to various countries in and around the Far East, he told of unbelieveable (unclassified) stories of crime and terrorism.

    He said our various Federal Law Enforcment and Intelligence and Military stop more terrorists events from happening than anyone can imagine.

    We need to honor our warriers, both in life and in death. These men and women are protecting our way of life.

  5. It beats me why they haven't tried to find better solutions or at least bring the military in to help. Brian Terry sounded like a very honorable person. The loss is sad. His words were honorable.