Saturday, January 8, 2011


I've made similar posts before, but today's psychopathic public assassination attempt of a Congresswoman by an apparent disgruntled and *not-taking-their-medication* mental patient of some sort once again underscores the need for sane and law abiding citizens of this country, if they are so inclined, to have a CHL and carry 24/7.

The Next Chapter says it best with the title of his post on this attack today:

Another delusional coward ambushes unarmed, innocent, men, women, and children, probably to make some statement that no sane mind can comprehend.

A Congresswomen shot in the head and six attendees of her community function dead, including a Federal Judge and a child.

There will be those who will try to turn this event against the gun, and not the crazed gunman. Likely, if a gun had been unavailable, the killer would have use a knife or icepick or any other designed or adapted instrument to accomplish his goal.

Is it just me, or despite government number-crunchers figures of "lower crime rates" aside, have things been getting a lot more violent lately, both at home and abroad?

Prayers and condolences for those killed and injured and their families and friends.

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