Saturday, January 22, 2011


To me at least. When I was perusing one of my favorite websites for gun pics and information, The Internet Movie Firearms Database, at, I "discovered" that there had been an earlier 1988 mini-series in the 80's called, interestingly enough, The Bourne Identity, based on the same book by Robert Ludlum, but reviews say that the three hour mini-series is closer to the original book than the Matt Damon trilogy.

So I found a cheap dvd version on ebay and it's on the way. I'll let you know what I think of it. I'm an action movie fan, but I don't care for poorly done action movies. El Fisho Jr. has been introduced to many of the cool action movies of my youth, like Bullitt and Kelly's Heroes and various other John Wayne and war movies I grew up with.

Judging from the gun pictures here, the guns will be A LOT different in this version, particularly noting that there are revolvers in this version. Particularly, Bournc's main gun is a S&W Model 19 snubbie, and also a Model 38 Bodyguard. Another fellow has a Model 15.

Of course, back in 1988 Sigs and Glocks were far from as common as they have been the past 20 years. It'll be interesting to see the pre-internet and pre-cell phone version of this movie.

Still, there's a lack of really entertaining movies coming out right now, so I was happy to stumble across this version. How bad could it be with an older Bourne played by Richard Chamberlain?

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