Wednesday, January 19, 2011


See it. It's a great movie. Jolie is the female James Bond, without the humor or the time for messing around. Seriously, Jolie brings action to the table in this role like Daniel Craig did for his version of the Bond franchise.

It's easy to see that Jolie's character Evelyn Salt is carrying a lot of psychic baggage. Once things go bad for her in the movie, you know that there is no turning back for her because her one grasp of normalcy was taken from her. And thus she becomes a highly trained woman on a mission of vengence.

It's been a long time since I saw a good and well done action movie. The last couple I really liked were TAKEN and INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. There has been a flood of mediocre movies the past few years, and I've been wanting to see a good action movie. It had been too long.

Like they used to say in the Wolf Brand Chili commercials when I was a kid, asking when the last time you had a bowl of good ole' Wolf Brand Chili, the answer was always..."Well, THAT'S TOO LONG!"

I could have rented SALT a few weeks ago, but instead rented Inception. I can't tell you if Inception was a good movie because despite two attempts at watching it, I became distracted and lost interest in the storyline and the acting. I never finished watching it, and that's unusual for me not to finish a movie.

I was feeling under the weather the other day and picked up SALT and it was just the ticket for a day at home on the couch.

I'll be buying a copy of SALT to add to the action movie library. Now I've just got to get the daughter to bring back THE DEPARTED and Billy Ray to bring back BASTERDS because they've been loaned out a long time.

So if you like guns and secret agents and fighting with the evil axis of Russia and all sorts of intrigue, you'll enjoy SALT. I give it five stars.

I'll be waiting for the sequel. They should make it right away. There is a vast cravasse in the genre of action movies and the poor fare that keeps getting cranked out can't compare with a movie like SALT.

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