Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It's a crazy world full of crazy people. Some of them have guns, or knives, or bombs or all other kinds of implements of death and destruction.

Watch the video when (the now late) Homer here takes hostages at the School Board Meeting. Homer is deado now.

If you were sitting in this school board meeting and you had your trusty sidearm, you could have taken this nut out.

Rambling gunman dead after opening fire at Florida school meeting

All goes well that ends well, to be sure, but I bet a few of these school board members/staff start packing at the next meetings. And I bet they get a metal detector and some more security.

And how about the ballsy hero lady who tries to knock the gun out of the hand of the nut with her large purse. You go girl. Somebody give her an LE job with some killer training and there would be no stopping her, because she already has the guts and her hear in the right place! Kudus to you for being a good citizen and trying to save lives at the risk of your own. Purse against gun is not good odds, but good for you anyway! You're studly! Next time grab the gun with your hand, hit him in the face with your purse and then kick him where it counts.

Or do like Clint Smith says and grab a fire extringuisher and spray him with the white stuff in the eyes and hit him with the red extinguisher in the haid.

Just a tip, I'm not second guessing bravado.

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