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I got this comment posted today here at a June, 2009 post I wrote about legendary newspaperman Sig Byrd. Sig Byrd's Houston It is so cool that it deserves it's own new post to bring it up to the forefront for all the fans of Sig and his very descriptive writing of the "good ole' days" in Houston, Texas.

When Houston was a city that'd I'd still recognize if I could go back in time.

A Texas sized tip of the hat to Rob Kimberly, who as he states below, has digitized many of Sig's articles. If you are a fan of Houston or Texas history, or if life in the 50's and 60's in Houston, or just a fan of excellent writing, then do like I'll be doing today and start reading some of Sig's take on Houston from way back when.

And thanks so much, Rob, for letting us know about your important efforts to get some great writing up on the www for the many fans of Sig Byrd to enjoy. Funny how the web can be used for something really good like Rob is doing with Sig's work, or it can be used in the name of evil.

Here it be:


I'm in the process of digitizing old columns of Sig's, using the Houston Main Library's microfilm collection. I am reading the March 19, 1952 article about Angelina Delgado right now. It was a google search of her name that led to this discussion.

There are currently 435 columns of his online on Flickr...

Another 70 were just scanned today. I won't have the Angelina Delgado column up for some time, but copies are available (free, no strings) upon asking.

Rob Kimberly -

Facebook - Sig Byrd's Houston

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