Sunday, December 19, 2010


It appears that Julian Assange, also known as Mr. Wikileaks, is afraid of the truth. This writer at the Daily Mail in the UK said it much better than I could. Read this editorial and then come on back for my musings about the man who is not much of a man, because although he claims to be after the truth, doesn't much care for the truth when it comes to him personally.

And while you're at it, read this gem, also from The Daily Mail. Note that it was not originally titled "celebrities look away, but "Jemima Look Away Now". It's still titled that way once you get to the article:

First off, let's talk about being responsible for one's actions. This subject holds multiple areas of discussion about Julian. I won't call him Mr. Assange because to do that, I would have to respect him, and I have no respect for him at all. Only contempt. Julian, according to news reports and statements by his former wikileaks PR man, fled Sweden after being asked to talk to a prosecutor about the sexual assault allegations against him, and perhaps more importantly, when his two accusers demanded he take an HIV test and show them the results.

Running away from Sweden is not seeking the truth, Julian.

Secondly, his coterie of liberal trust fund kids (whether young like Jemima or old like Mr. Smith) and celebrity supporters claim he is a journalist. HA! Journalists broadcast stories, stories that they or those working for/with them write. Whether we're talking about a TV/Cable/Etc reporter doing stories on the tellie, or what we normally think of as a journalist, a writer, a journalist creates ideas or work product. Julian is not a journalist in any sense of the word.

Julian is simply parroting what others say. He's not much different than, say, a company that places a newspapers content on the web. Or a publisher, who publishes the journalistic works of others.

Third, Julian is a self-avowed enemy of the US. He stated his goal was anarchy in releasing the embassy cables, and that he was doing it to hurt the US. I disagree with the writer whose link is posted above in this regard. Julian is a terrorist. A man without a country. Like Osama Bin Laden, he is a stateless terrorist, but their goals remain the same: the destruction of the US.

On a side note, I'll take a wild-eyed right wing guess here and state that I guess Julian is probably an atheist. I'll guess that he had no firm father figure in his life to whoop his rear when he needed it.

As an American, Julian needs to have his day in an American Court. Perhaps, as a enemy combatant, in a military court. Then, a lifetime in SuperMax might chill his heels.

Like many others, although I believe stealing our information is an act of terrorism, I admit to reading them. And I chuckle at the thought that Julian has to be dismayed that his release of the info so far has not caused the global insurrection he hoped for. They show the US to basically be one of the few rational governments on this planet, other than Hillary's DNA thing.

It's time for the US to stand up to the rest of the world. It's time for the rest of the world, and this includes the UK (as I understand they might not want to extradite Mr. Wikileaks to America because their widdle feewings are hurt by some of the descriptions of their citizens in the embassy cables). It's time for us to start demanding some results from the $$$ we throw around the world.

Specifically, we need to issue some stern advisos to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Israel. They will be our friends AT ALL TIMES or no more $$$ or food. No more sending your kids and family to our country, or letting your princes live in LA or NYC. Confiscate assets of these countries and their citizens located in this country until they decide to man up and act right.

We can make new friends. I'm so tired of hearing the UK and French and Italian perspectives on how evil the US is. Lest they forget, they'd be speaking German and doing a goose step march right now were it not for us.

Julian, be a man. Go back to Sweden. And then, when you're done, come on over here to America and let us show you, as Martin Luther King once said, that the truth will set you free.

Just maybe not in the way you imagined.

And Ms. Jemima Khan, don't you have some kind of trust fund kid benefit to be organizing, because I suspect your knowledge of world affairs is about as deep as that of my adhd dog.

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