Monday, October 4, 2010


Next to us at the range yesterday was a young couple who had gotten concealed handgun permits and had been trying out various weapons for some weeks now deciding what they liked. They were very nice kids and were wanting some protection from the big city and the darkness that calls itself violent crime.

I was impressed with their rental selection, and he told me they had made their final choice and would be buying their guns today. He had narrowed his choice down between a Glock 19 and a Springfield XD in 9mm, and she was between the Ruger LCP and Sig Sauer P238 in .380.

Both were good shooters, although new and on the slower side, taking great care to learn their routines and practices they had been taught by their CHL teacher. They had been taught well.

I watched as the young lady fired two mags full of head shots into her FBI target at 7 yards with some good speed and excellent control and postitioning. Same with the torso groups the young man was firing.

I keep seeing more and more normal folks at the ranges these days, teaching others to shoot and learning themselves, as I have always done. As always, El Fisho Jr. attracts attention with his good shooting.

I liked the way the P238 feels. It's a nice sized gun, and reminds me of the Llama .380's with 1911 styling in the 70's and 80's. It's really what Colt should have done with their 1911 .380 years ago. It's much quieter and shoots much more accurately than either the Ruger LCP and is a ton more quieter than the Walther PPK/S.

If Sig only made a .22 LR version of the P238, they'd sell a ton of them. Outdoorsman like me would love to have one a P238 in .22, and for those who carry as a defensive weapon, they could have an identical practice weapon with which to train inexpensively in these times of high dollar ammo.


  1. what do you mean when you say the p238 is quieter than the LCP?

  2. Just what I said, B Manky. When standing next to shooters shooting the LCP and the Sig, the Sig is much quieter. Bear in mind at the range I'm wearing double hearing protection consisting of in-ear molded hearing protectors and regular over-the-ear hearing protectors, but that's always.

    Thanks for stopping by!