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I realize the title to this post sounds mighty official, and of course, I vest all of the powers and recognition appurtenant to my position as blogger El Fishing Musician, El Fish or El Fisho to my friends, upon the High Noon Holster company for their excellent product. Let me say also that this holster is extremely reasonably priced. Shipped to Texas for $34.95 via UPS.

But I'd pay $100 for it and I'm glad I don't have to pay that much for this great of a holster.

Without going into details of my past, I've legally carried a gun, either as a police officer or a concealed handgun license holder, for going on 30 years. Add another 10 to that for all of my hunting and fishing experiences whilest always carrying some sort of handgun for snakes and such. Mostly when I was a kid I'd carry a lightweight Ruger Bearcat, replete with Mexican made western cowboy holster and loops. But other times I'd be made to carry carry a very large handgun, such as a Ruger Blackhawk .41 Magnum, when a "getting too friendly with people and challenging them" bobcat or gator had been sighted on the large year round flowing creek that ultimately merged with the San Jacinto River about 10 creek miles downstream from where we had a place outside of Houston in deep Montgomery County.

All this gun carrying has left me with distinct ideas of what is comfortable for me, and what works for me. I also to a large degree believe in minimalism in holsters and leather, but at the same time value stability even more.

I want my gun to stay in my holster and my holster to stay where I put it.

Now, I've had many friends recommend these highly complex looking IWB concealment holsters that have these HUGE wings and snap on belt straps and take up a good 5 or 6 inches horizontally across the area under the pants, all in a so-called effort to conceal the gun. I've tried these holsters, and they were not comfortable to me at all. I didn't find them particularly concealable either, as the wings tended to poke out quite a bit if bending or turning.

The High Noon Mr. Softy has a trailing edge under the trigger guard that provide about 2" or so of extra leather on the underside of the barrel side of the gun, and this sort of leather shelf reduces any chance of printing through the pants. Simplicity and function.

And although of course like most handguns it works best with a real gunbelt, a thicker sometimes interior reinforced belt made of double layers of leather sewn and glued together. But the beauty of the Mr. Softy, and to some extent that companies similar holster the Bare Asset, are that they will work with single thickness leather belts of 1 1/2" just as well as with a thicker gunbelt.

I've used department store belts made of single thickness leather but good leather with a bit of stiffness to it, the kind I might wear with jeans or a business casual outfit, and these standard everyday belts work great with the Mr. Softy. Sometimes, comfort is a consideration in concealing a handgun, despite what some experts say. And if it makes you more likely to have that firearm with you if some random violent crime occurs, then it all works out.

So I have have a great deal of favorite holsters I like to wear. I found an Askins Avenger in prime new condition made to fit the Glock Model 19, and it fits perfectly, although I'll mention that since the M19 is longer than the M36, the holster is about 1/2" longer than it could be. Still it conceals very well but works far better with a real gun belt, meaning a double thick piece of hunky belt better to support a firearm.

The Fobus paddle holster and belt holster for the Model 36 are also a joy but both need a good gun belt for stable carry, the belt model moreso than the paddle. But it is quick on and off.

A Tagua leather belt slide is also a frequent holder of this gun. Again, I store fit my M36 into the M19 holster the store had, and it fit just perfect. Tightly held but easily drawn.

Any of these belt holsters are going to be preferred over an IWB holster for comfort, and now that it's getting cooler, and clothes a bit heavier with the occasional jacket, then concealment with a belt holster is easy. But I still usually have the Mr. Softy in the backpack with me, in case temperatures rise and jackets get shed and some concealment is needed.

I've been wearing the Mr. Softy IWB holster I bought used nearly a year ago on a very frequent basis, particularly in the warmer months when clad in Polo or T shirt and shorts/jeans. The Glock 36 .45 ACP single stack just disappears under the regular sized T shirts I like to wear when not concealing a handgun. The only other weapon that carries this easy is any J frame in a Safariland #6 IWB holster.

It inserts easy and quickly into the pants, and the clip tightly holds the holster to the belt for drawning. Reholstering can be done but with a gun like a Glock with no external thumb safety, I prefer to just quickly remove the holsters, reholster the gun then reinsert. Safer. Easier.

Although the Mr. Softy is a straight drop, when wearing a heavier gun belt I have had no problem with it being repositioned in a halfway FBI forward cant and holding that position well. It's a deep riding holster, which is of course why it conceals so well.

One addition I'd like to have is the thinnest possible mag holder incorporated into the front of the holster, which has a reinforced edge for reholstering. No matter what size my body has been, skinny or, er um ah a little beefier, when wearing an IWB holster there is a slight gap at the front of the holster twixt skin and pants. Just enough to hold one extra mag for the Model 36 in the most concealable way possible, attached to the front edge of the holster. I'm telling you High Noon, it's an option.

The service from High Noon, as far as shipping and such, is excellent and speedy with good communication and tracking. Several friends have bought these and really like them as well, and have gone on to purchase other High Noon holsters for other guns, as have I.

I have sent several emails asking which holster might fit a gun not listed in particular selections, and never got replies. I didn't bother to call, but I'll still deal with them, although it seems like someone could be answering emails from repeat customers.

Their products, particularly this one, are very reasonably priced and since the Mr. Softy is a stocking item, order on Monday and have it Thursday or Friday at the latest.

Here's a link to the pages for the Mr. Softy and for High Noon:

High Noon has all kinds of holsters for all kinds of guns. I particularly like the holsters for the 1911 types pistols that have skin guards over the hammer area.

Although I have not bought Mr. Softy for a J frame yet, I understand they work well with the J frame revolvers as well.

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