Tuesday, October 5, 2010


As I've chided other firearms makers in the past, and in particular your company, I fail to see why your fine firearms company is not making a revitalized, as well as the original, model of the PSP and the P7. It would be very interesting to see a polymer interpretation, a second generation of P7 pistol using the same high quality materials used in the USP.

The sell factor is that not only are there folks like me who would like to see a new model of this gun, it's the most safe handgun that I think has ever been designed. It's perfect for self and home defense for families with small children, who don't have the physical strength to cock the pistol's unique front grip safety. It's foolproof enough to have saved more than one officers life over the decades when stupid crooks couldn't figure out how to depress the safety level to shoot it.

How cool could this gun be in polymer?

Very cool, I suspect. I was always a fan of the single stack P7 rather than the hi cap P 13, but again, with polymer technology, its more or less a matter of switching grips and mags to have two different pistols, an easy matter for a crack assembly line operation.

So here's the other deal to make this pistol cool. Sell it with a .22 conversion kit, a slide, barrel and magazine compliment like Sig sells. So practice is cheaper and so the gun can do double duty as a frequently shot plinker. Again, you can sell this for more money.

Just as I have never understood why Smith and Wesson has yet to produce a .22 LR version of the now decades made in USA Walther PPK and PPK/S, I don't understand why HK fails to see the masterpiece of firearm that was the P7 and it's fellow handguns.
And yes, I know I used a picture of the smaller stature .380/.7.65/.22 LR variant of this fine gun, simply because it has better lines and to me looks more like what a Generation 2 version of the PSP/P7 could be.

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