Thursday, September 23, 2010


One of my friends who is a firearms enthusiast with whom I have discussed the pimp gun concept suggests that I consider the venerable Smith and Wesson Model 42, now a "Classic".

As I wrote here at PIMP GUN, I'd like to create a nice but not gaudy snubnose to hand down the line. My friend showed me a picture of a richly blued Model 42 with gold plated grip safety, trigger, ejector rod, screws and cylinder release button. I had to admit, it did look classy and not gaudy. The only way that gun could look mo' better would be with some Ivory grips. Real Ivory grips. Preferably, well made vintage Ivory grips. And perhaps a nice grip adapter, since you have to use the standard size J frame grips with this model due to the grip safety.

The Model 42 is still being made, albeit now marketed as a classic.

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