Sunday, September 5, 2010


We've been doing some resting this labor day weekend and having some fun. At least El Fisho Jr. and I have been having fun. Mrs. El Fisho has been working hard as usual on her second and third jobs. She's like that jamaican family that used to be on the TV show In Living Color. She has like 17 jobs. She has her day job. She takes are of the kids. She takes care of me. She oversees everyones schedules and makes sure I'm with the schedule (that's like 5 jobs right there). She cooks. She cleans. She works several part time jobs that involve professional writing and in her spare time, she's also pursuing an advance degree. Plus she's always helping someone out with something or other, generally in a charitable sense.

It would be nice to be down at Port A or South Padre or to head west into the Hill Country, the fabled "Country of 1100 Springs" when, in years like this when we've had some rain, there is some fishing to be done in some pretty pristine waters.
I've been daydreaming all weekend about two upcoming trips. One will be to Port Isabel/South Padre in a couple of weeks, and we'll enjoy South Padre beaches and bays without the masses of humanity that are there during spring and summer and before the "winter Texans" come from the land up yonder in the snow belt to spend the winter in sunny South Texas.

The other trip is a nice driving journey to the Hill Country for the family to take sometime in late October or early November when it cools down a bit. I've got a good friend that's got a big place down near Leakey that I haven't seen yet. It's got live water galore, a South Texas cypress tree and rock bottom lined river and creeks with clear clear water. He has numerous springs that spout forth on his property, and the purity of the water coming out of the ground at his place is amazingly good. I've seen pictures galore, and would like to do some fishing on his property. Catfish are plentiful in some deep holes and undercut banks that he has on his property and a variety of guadalupe bass and panfish are also fairly prevalent.

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