Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have a 2 CD compilation of "some" of the greatest hits of War. Back in the day, in my mispent yout, much of it was spent listening to rock bands with a latin flavor. I took lessons in how to play the timbales and conga and various hand and stick played percussion items in junior high school, and listened to records with various latin rhythms. Santana's music, particularly that of his first three albums, has always been a tremendous influence to me and a very enjoyable listen.

War was another band that fused rock and funk and blues and latin and soul rhythms into a bunch of hip shaking tunes.

Cisco Kid

Gypsy Man


Low Rider

Spill The Wine

Slipping Into Darkness

The World Is a Ghetto

Why Can't We Be Friends

and many more.

Our drum corps in high school always incorportated latin elements into our playing whenever possible. Our cadences often had latin elements to them, and when we did pep rallys and football game playing we were allowed to go hog wild and bring all sorts of drums and cowbells and timbales into the stands with us.

But all of us junior high and high school drummers had been schooled to a large extent by the playing of the bands War and Santana on their albums. We learned licks and rhythms and sub-rhythms and how to play together as one with different drummers playing different parts of the beat.

One of Wars founders was Eric Burden, ex-lead singer of the British group The Animals. He gathered a multi-ethnic line up of Californians to form his funky rock band. And funky they are, if you don't move to some of their music there is something wrong with you. You ain't got no bumpus in your frumpus.

All throughout my pre-teen and teen years, I enjoyed War. I think the only vinyl album I bought was a double greatest hits deal, but I had several 8 track tapes of their music back in the day. Once CD's came out, I bought a 2 CD compilation that I'm enjoying still today, at least 20 years later.
Unfortunately, War has sort of dissolved into two bands, with one owning the name WAR. Wiki has more about the recent history of the band.

The world is a ghetto.

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