Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

"What do you mean I don't get an appeal bond?"

Big Phil hair.

Bigger Phil hair.

An obviously photoshopped version of the above-photo but merely
emphasizing the obvious absurdity of wearing a fro wig to court in the

From the L.A. Weekly:

Steven Mikulan, who is an excellent reporter who covers criminal cases for the L.A. Weekly, which is probably the most well-written of free news weeklys in larger cities as far as covering criminal cases and crime, had this to say about the "revelation" that Spector wore wigs:

"The only time the Washington Post has sought my opinion was on the subject of Phil Spector's hair. Was it real? the Capitol's paper of record wanted to know. What was its effect on the courtroom? Spector, of course, arrived at his post-arrest hearings and subsequent two murder trials in an array of alarming wigs -- disturbing for their eccentric appearance as well as what the wigs implied of the thoughts seething inside their wearer's head.
Perhaps nothing affects a man's self-image more than the state of his hair -- which may explain why, if former wife Ronnie Spector is to be believed, her husband retired to bed at night with a cap on his head.

And, during his first trial, there was an unforgettable moment when, during a break, Spector's young wife Rachelle accosted Court TV reporter Beth Karas in the hallway. Rachelle was miffed about Court TV's descriptions of Spector's locks as pure wiggery.
"Just so you know?" Rachelle informed a somewhat startled Karas. "Phil doesn't wear a hairpiece."
That assertion was rudely debunked this week, when Spector's latest mug shot was released, clearly showing the music-producer legend as being mostly bald. At least he can't be prosecuted for false-hair fashion statements. "

I think Los Angeles prosecutors Alan Jackson and Truc Do did a bang up job trying the Spector case, which ended up with an 18 year sentence for Spector. If I were Spector, at his advanced age, it's not the last five years I'd worry about, it'd be the first five.
You can just call him convict from now on.
Don't think for a moment that the sanity of Spector will not become an issue in post-conviction writs. I mean, frickin' Res Ipsa Loquiter, the damn photos speak for themselves to some extent, don't they?
You're on trial for murder. You're a rich producer who lives in a frickin' castle in Alhambra, a small town within L.A. You probably pay more for your silly clothing and wigs a year than I do on my mortgage payment. You've got bodyguards and drivers and an entourage accompanying you to court every day. Not to mention a wife. You've probably got lots and lots of wigs.
Pick another one, dude.
At some point in the six month trial, actually more than a year of trials and hearings if you count the trial and the retrial, DIDN'T SOMEBODY TELL THIS GUY THAT HE LOOKED LIKE A FREAKING IDIOT WITH SUPER ULTRA BLO-OUT FRO GOING ON?
Really, someone had to have said: "Mr. Spector, um, Sir, I um, I don't know if anyone has told you this, but it is often beneficial to a defendant in a criminal trial to have a somewhat conservative appearance.
It seems like in the second trial that the defense sort of had a strategy of basically showing that Spector was in fact highly "eccentric" as part of his defense.
Whatever. Let me know how that worked out for you. Oh, I guess you did.

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