Friday, November 9, 2012


Walther just this week introduced a new handgun at a trade show, the PPX. Not much is known about it, but pics are out there on the web and check the blogs to the right side of the screen for updates on this handgun.

That's all well and good, and I hope this attracts the attention of their marketing and R and D departments, but what the world needs now is a PPK and/or PPK/S in .22 LR caliber (hereafter referred to collectively as the PPK).

You've made this pistol before, and as I've said on numerous occasions, there is a great market for the PP series in .22 caliber. I've never understood why Smith and Wesson didn't see the sales possibilities for the PPK in .22 when they began producing the PPK's in .32 and .380 under license from Walther.

You're making this pistol now but with a different slide and firing mechanism, barrel and magazine. So no biggie on modifying the assembly line. It'd pay for itself in the first run.

Plinkers like me would like to have another .22 PPK (I foolishly sold my 1976 Interarms version). Although a .22 is not a good self-defense weapon for me, for some it's a great weapon for self-defense for those who are going to use a .22 for self defense anyway. Although my mom prefers a .38 snubbie, my sister prefers a .22 snubbie.

So there are a multitude of markets for the PPK in .22. Cheap(er) ammo is another compelling reason to make the PPK in a rimfire chambering.

I keep searching for a reasonably priced Interarms PPK in .22, but have not found the right one at the right price. I'd much rather buy a new one than pay the king's ransom that used ones go for now.

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