Friday, November 30, 2012


Over at GUNS HOLSTERS AND GEAR, which you can also find in my blogroll to the right, they report that Henry Repeating Arms suffered extensive damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

He reports that, amazingly, Henry plans to be back online as of tomorrow, December 1st!

That doesn't surprise me. I'm not his big buddy or anything, but back in 2011 I contacted Henry via email to see when the new .22 Mare's Leg would be in stores. That led to several further emails from the President of the company himself, offering updates. What a great guy and what absolute customer service!

So I'm gonna ask my kin to chip in with each other to get me a BIG prize this year, a .22 Henry lever action rifle. Their Mare's Leg is a great gun, no recoil of course and fun to shoot. I think the rifle version of the Mare's Leg pistol would just be more of the same. It also has a tube fed magazine, and I'm a big fan of that, as you can carry many rounds as well as use shorts, longs and long rifles.

They also make the rifle in .22 magnum, and make a slew of other great small and big bore rifles and even a big boy version (and much more expensive than the .22 version) of the Mare's Leg in .45 Colt that's a great gun.

You might already have your Christmas list made, or you might have other ideas for yourself for your gifts this year. No problemo. All I ask is that you consider buying yourself a Henry in the next few months as they resume production in this the shopping season of the year. They are American made, by Americans, and they make a great product.

If you're a shooter, a hunter, a fisherman or just an outdoorsman who appreciates a fine quality firearm at a very reasonable price, you owe it to yourself to check out the Henry line if you haven't already. Chances are, if you're one of the above, you're at least familiar with the guns made by Henry.

I don't work for Henry, and I don't know anyone other than the tangential relationship I had with the President of the company as mentioned above.  I'm strictly doing this because I'm impressed by their product and want them to do well so I can buy some more guns from them in the future.

Plus, they're a good company. The company and the employees, all American, deserve our support.

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