Monday, November 19, 2012


In looking at videos released last week after a gun industry trade show, I came across two new Chiappa guns, the Badger and the Double Badger.

They are almost perfect. Read on for what I think a great product for Chiappa to make would be.

The Badger is a folding, single shot .22 (or .17 or .22 Magnum) rifle with a wire stock. It has a tactical rail behind the triggerguard for attaching a pistol grip (optional) that resembles an AR-15 grip, and a triple rail in front of the rear sight for a scope and two side rails. It has a threaded barrel and cap. It looked like it had the flip up/down dovetail/ring rear sight and an elevated front sight.

Again, it'd be cool if the Badger had a fiber optic front sight. I'm curious as to the weight and to the cost, of course.

Then they have the Double Badger, coming in .22 LR/.410 and .22 Magnum/.410. Wood stocked and it folds at the touch of a button. And...wait for has a yellow fiber optic front sight. Double triggers and what sort of appeared to be a tang safety with the standard combo rifle/shotgun opening lever on top. It looked very nice, with maybe a 18" barrel and it folded without disassembly into a tiny package. 

They've got the right ideas at Chiappa. Now let's hope they make some more combo rifles and some drillings. There's not much details out right now, but maybe in a few days Chiappa will release some specs on these fine guns and the pricing.

Now the suggestions. Rifle the .410 shotgun barrel and then make it be able to chamber the .45 Colt round and tolerate the increased pressure with HOT rifle style .45 Colt rounds with ease. That turns this gun into a whole new ballgame as far as a survival or camping gun, with the ability to use some rifle. Then it's a Triple Badger.

I didn't get a good look at the Double Badger's rear sight in the brief video but some threaded holes in the top of the top barrel would be nice for attaching a rail mount, like Ruger provides with it's guns. If it doesn't already have a rail as included or an option.

It looked sharp and the finish looked blued in the video. Hope so, as that reminds of the late, great Savage 24 series of Combo guns, sometimes finished in nice deep blue finishes.

Hat's off to Chiappa. Again, let's see some more Combos and make a drilling out of the Triple Threat design. 

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