Sunday, November 18, 2012


Like my good friend A.J. MacReady once said, his doctor told him he needed to do some relaxing, or as some of my East Texas relatives might say, relax-at(e)ing. For me, eating my way is not the way to relax. My doc recommended a movie he'd seen that had been released just this week, thinking it well done.

So I rented Savages this weekend. Highly violent, and not just gratuitous violence. And a few gratuitous sex scenes as well. Plenty of action and the acting is actually fairly decent. The story has a few unpredicatable twists and turns although as the female lover of both protaganists notes, this is just like that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid movie. Well, sorta. 

I'm not a big Oliver Stone fan, though I did like his take in JFK, and would back then have enjoyed talking up various aspects of the case that don't make sense, like the life of Oswald.

I recently got JFK on dvd, and had it for years on vhs. In JFK, although Stone adopted some of the theories I might not believe totally in,  but given the huge amount of information, or TMI (too much information), which is the nature of the JFK investigation, Stone did the amazing job of telling a cogent storyline and hopefully getting some folks to think and maybe read some books and see some of the well done documentaries out there on the subject.

So Stone's politics are not mine. Nonetheless, although my liberal friends are not anywhere as far left as Stone, I have some pretty dear friends who are downright insufferable when having to listen to them espouse the many wrongs of the right, conspiracy theories and socialist bullcrap. So I'm a guy who has a wide ranging group of friends. Pretty much across the political spectrum.

But I can still watch his movies. I can't recall the last movie of his I've seen since JFK, and I'm too lazy to look him up on IMDB, but I'll buy Savages when the price drops a bit. It's a movie worth watching more than once. And I guess that's the best compliment I can make these days, is that I'll buy it and watch it again.  


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