Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The good news is that after I wrote the post on Saturday about my good friend and cohort Billy Ray's father's health issues, the heart surgeons came in and disagreed with the assessment and dire outcome the cardiologists had foretold. Whereas the Cardios thought there could be no surgical intervention, and that he'd likely die on the table, the surgeon thought there were some surgical efforts that might remedy some of the main issues facing Doc.

The surgery took place yesterday, and Doc came through with flying colors. According to Billy Ray, Doc tolerated the surgical procedures well and although he faces a recovery, most of the dire predictions didn't come to pass. There's still bridges to cross and lots of recovery time, and he won't likely be as spry as he has been lately. Billy Ray's been comparing him to a Banty Rooster lately.

But he'll be in good shape all things considered and the docs are all talking years now instead of months.

Apparently, he's done so well post-op that he'll be returning home this weekend, facing lots of rehab and doctors visits and such but again, the cadre of Billy Ray family and friends have so much to be thankful for regarding what can only be considered a miracle.

So if you were able to do some praying for Dr. Billy Ray, I sincerely appreciate it. And I'd humbly ask that you continue your efforts if you would be so kind. The prayers are working!

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