Saturday, April 21, 2012


Those of you who've read much of my blog know that Billy Ray, my good friend for over thirty years now, figures largely in the adventures of El Fisho Jr. and myself. Years ago, in the early days of our friendship, I got to spend a fair amount of time with Billy Ray's father, who is a retired medical doctor.

I have few regrets in my life, but ole' Doc, as I call him, is a pretty sharp fellow. Due to the distance between where we live, it hasn't been possible to see him much in the past 15 years or so. I've spoken with him by phone a handful of times over the years as well, and he's such a charming southern gentleman.

He's been more or less retired since his late 50's, but is sharp enough that he could still have been practicing medicine all these years had he chosen to. He's very knowledgeable in the stock market, and in making investments in general, and just the kind of fellow that increases your I.Q. every time you talk with him. Hell, just being in the same room with Doc probably gives me a 10 or more I.Q. point raise.

He's the kind of fellow you'd like to spend a few days at a lake or river fishing camp with. Doing some fishing and cooking but mostly talking about anything and everything. Sitting out in the middle of mother nature kind of dwarfs you and any personal accomplishments you as a human being have ever had. It humbles you, in fact, and often time the observations of nature by smart and well-balanced men and women of some life experience can humble you in the brilliance and simpleness of their observations.

Yeah, Doc's the kind of fellow I'd rather be at the fishing camp for a couple of days with rather than having him teach me investment strategies. I'd be well served by listening to the latter, but would more enjoy the former.

Doc and his wife and kids and grandkids just celebrated his 84th birthday last weekend up in Lubbock, Texas. I wasn't able to make it but know a good time was had by all. A couple of days ago, Doc experienced some chest pains. Having had a bypass a few years ago, and of course being an intelligent guy as well as a doctor, he knew it was time to see the experts.

His condition and prognosis are serious. Without going into the details, it's serious. We here at The Fishing Musician would greatly appreciate some prayers for The Doc, Billy Ray and his family as his recovery begins and future surgical decisions have to be made. I know the Billy Ray clan would greatly appreciate it. They're good, God fearing people, and I believe in the power of prayer.

My thanks in advance to all who are so inclined.


  1. I certainly will hang prayers in the air for your friend and his family.

    You have a way with words; your post was a moving tribute.