Friday, April 6, 2012


If you are making the rounds at your local gun store(s) and your eye catches one of these holsters for sale in the used holster bin, please let me know about it.

I'm looking for a few used Bianchi paddle holsters, the kind from the 70's through the 90's that had a suede leather covered metal paddle and a thumbreak.

                       -I need one for a N frame 4" barrel,

                       -I need one for a Glock 19 (or 17, etc)

                       -I need one for a .357 Python or Model 66 2 1/2"

                       -I need one for a 6" 357 Python

I'd also like a nice upside down shoulder holster for a Colt Detective Special/Cobra 2".

I could also use three suede IWB Bianchi holster 1911's, a 3", a 4" and a 5" with the suede "ear" on the inner side of the holster that cushion the hammer from the wearer's body.

A good source for a repro flap holster for a Browning Hi Power at a reasonable price.

Also, I'm going to buy some cowboy rigs soon, and plan to get one for the 6" Python as well! Any recommendations as far as new and used would be welcome. We have a host of holster makers just in Texas, and I've done business with a half dozen or so as well that are outside of Texas. I've also found nice used custom holsters on ebay and other auction sites.



  1. Nevada Gun Leather makes what looks to be a decent leather upside down for the Python. It kinda looks like a clone of the old Safariland model 19.

    Ken null makes some upside down rigs that many folks have spoken kindly about.

  2. Thanks for the info, Zach. I've seen Null's holsters, and actually bid on ebay on one of the plastic upside down versions for a j frame.

    I've actually got the Safariland 19 for my snub Python, and it also fits the M66 and M19 snubbies. It also fits the Security Six and probably a few other medium .357 frame snubbies as well.

  3. You have an actual Safariland 19?! AWESOME!