Saturday, April 28, 2012


I have not bought any of these guns I'm writing about here, but I have seen some interesting guns lately that I've wanted to buy but didn't. Because I guess I share the taste of guns I'd like to have with many others, because the guns I see, unless way high priced, seem to move pretty fast from the inventory of several of my favorite gun shops.

For example, I've sorta been looking for a 1970's Mauser/Interarms 9mm Luger. I've seen lots on gun auction sites, but I'd like to review it in person before I buy it. I've just missed several at two local stores, despite me asking the owners to give me the heads up when they've got one in on a trade. I've seen some old way overpriced and totally beat WWII Lugers but I'd prefer to have one of the more recent and more affordable models. I've seen lots of "semi" NIB 1970's Mauser/Interarms Lugers going on various gun sales sites for in the $800-900 range.

Another gun I've seen lots of lately are various Colt 1903 and 1905 models. All except for one has been way too beat and rusted and then cleaned, and that good one was literally being sold to the buyer as I walked into the gun shop. I asked the owner why he hadn't told me about that gun, and he said he forgot. Like the 70's Interarms Luger, I'd asked him to be on the lookout for a Colt in nice or even decent condition.

I've seen lots and lots of Interarms/Walther PP's and PPK's in .32 and .380 calibers lately, but alas, none in .22 L.R. I've seen a few overpriced .22's on the web, and lots of decent priced ones, but again, I kinda like to look at a gun in my hand before I buy it. So the search goes on for a PPK, PP or PPK/S in .22 LR caliber. I often wonder why Smith and Wesson, being as how they own Walther, doesn't realize the sales potential of a .22 LR version of this venerable line of pistols. It's the same gun, with a few different parts. HOW HARD COULD THAT BE? Particularly when you could sell lots and lots of them.

Sportsman would love them for taking into the field. Many would buy the gun for home defense, and despite the many naysayers who bemoan the defensive use of a .22 LR, there are many folks who use the .22 LR for self and home defense. So there's a lot of sales as well if Smith and Wesson would just make it.

So until S&W comes to their senses and makes a .22 LR version of the PPK series of guns, I'll have to keep looking for a used one.

I have seen a few Peacemakers and other Colt SAA revolvers lately, but none that were in decent condition were reasonably priced. Even the beat guns were high priced. I'm looking again here for a 70's blued version with case colored frame and rubber grips with a 5" or so barrel. I enjoy the "four clicks" of the Colt over other SAA handguns, but I'll probably end up getting a Vaquero when I find a good deal on one. The Vaquero also boasts safety features the Colt does not have, i.e. Transfer Bar safety.

About a year ago I walked into a Cabela's and they had a Wildey in .44 Auto-Mag, which although that's not a caliber you're gonna find at Wal-mart, it can be found. It came with an extra barrel, the original case and I think three mags.

Many of the other calibers that Wildey's and the very cool Auto-mags are impossible to find now, but the .44 Auto-Mag is still produced. Instead of plopping down some cash immediately and putting that gun on layaway, I didn't do anything. Sometimes, I'm like George Castanza...I'm king of the idiots!

When I got home I googled around about the Wildey and the more I read the more I liked. Of course, by the time I called Cabela's the next day the gun was long gone from Cabela's by that time, having been quite reasonably priced in the $900's. Maybe one day I'll run into a decently priced Automag in .44 Automag caliber.

I've been looking for a used Marlin .410 lever action shotgun. I haven't even seen any that were new, although Cabela's has them I just have not seen them there. In younger years, I shot many a round through .410 shotguns, and although I moved through 20 and onto 12 by the time I was driving, after 40 some years of mostly shooting 12 gauges I've moved back to 20 and 410. One day I might try a 16 gauge. But except for self defense and rare practice situations that are done with 12 gauges, my sport shooting strictly involves 20's and .410's these days.

Another gun I wouldn't mind having is the .22 magnum version of the Automag II. As I mentioned before, I came across a pristine 9MM magnum Automag II while on spring break. Unfortunately, you can't find 9mm magnum ammo anywhere. It wasn't even plentiful during the heyday of it's brief life, and it's nowhere to be found now. So I'd like to run into a .22 mag version of that pistol. It's heavy but fun to shoot.

I did see a very nice and very expensive version of CZ's 7.62 x 39 bolt action rifle. I wish someone like Ruger would add one of these to their Model 77 lineup. Ideally, in a Gunsite model configuration that uses AK mags instead of some overpriced Ruger variety. That would be a cool plinker!

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